The Traitorous Church

The German Pegida ("Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West") protests grew quickly, as does the anti-Islamic sentiment of Europe's general population. The European people sense they are being displaced by an Islamic migrant invasion which has stolen their jobs and subverted their culture and heritage.

The Pegida movement began on October 20, 2015 when 350 people spontaneously demonstrating against Islam. The weekly events quickly expanded to 25,000 people in only a few weeks. They have since petered out after relentless media slander, but the events remain important for our understanding of the current social climate.

The Western elite are almost universally against the people's concerns. They claim to be supporting “poor” minority migrants. In reality, they simply want to displace their Euroethnic subjects with less intelligent and more easily controllable minorities.

One would assume the churches would support those that seeking to defend Christianity, but this assumption would be mistaken. Christian leaders have formed an unholy alliance with the elite, and now support Islamic invasion into Europe at the expense of the average Christian. As one Catholic news site stated:
“Far-Right movements are on the rise across Europe, from Ukraine and Hungary to Greece and Denmark. They have various grievances – against Jews, Roma, homosexuals, asylum seekers in general and Muslims in particular. It is not enough for institutions representing the best of European civilization, the Churches especially, to keep their distance from these poisonous influences. Those who flirt with Pegida-like ideas must be made to feel they are transgressing basic human values.” [1]
Pegida as an organization has explicitly stated that it does not condone anti-Semitism. It even claims to support Europe's “Judeo-Christian culture.” But the truth does not matter to liberals seeking to shame anyone holding “Pegida like ideas.”

Ironically, Pegida's “grievances” against Muslims and homosexuals can be traced to the influence of the Catholic Church which has actively opposed the sinful aims of these two identities for the last two millennia. The Church, then, is effectively condemning its own history; especially the part where it called for Crusades to defend Christian civilization from Islamic expansion.

In the city of Cologne, church officials turned off the lights surrounding the city’s famous cathedral in anticipation of a Pegida demonstration. They sought to protest the protestors. On New Year's Eve, the archbishop castigated anti-immigrant protestors as he told them to welcome the refugees; many of whom hate Christianity and are raping women across Europe.

Church officials, whether they know it or not, are committing suicide. By turning their backs on the only people left in Europe willing to defend the faith of their fathers they have betrayed the sustaining blood of Europe and embraced a pluralistic ideology that will end in the annihilation of Christianity.

Christianity is the natural ally of Euroethnic identity movements across Europe who seek to protect their people and heritage. Christianity created the Euroethnic race and the civilization of Christendom. Any escape from the debauched post-modern anti-civilization would appear to lead straight into the arms of Christ.

The various church hierarchies have embraced the toxic “culture of death” endorsed by the corrupt elite. By making themselves complicit with the suicide of the West they have ensured Christianity will be rejected as a co-conspirator in the collapse of Western civilization. The Church of England is already facing the results of this collaboration; with massively declining numbers, they will soon approach financial collapse.

Why should Pegida protestors heed the denouncements of Christian clergy when 1,000 years ago the Pope was wandering Germany raising an army to fight back against Islam with the edge of the sword? With such a history, what reason would Pegida-esque supporters have for believing they stand condemned by God for gathering with signs, singing Christmas carols, and telling their government they do not want to be invaded? If the Church was so completely wrong about the last Islamic invasion, why should anyone believe their latest pronouncements?

Those willing to fight for their ethnic heritage and advocate for traditional values are increasingly embracing neo-paganism and looking beyond Christianity for inspiration and meaning.

Who can blame them when they search for advocates among Christian leaders and receive only accusations of “racism” and “xenophobia?” Many have seen the truth of human biological diversity and the lies of multiculturalism, and they have also seen how the Christian clergy have systematically buried the truth and rejected reality in favor of a heretical Marxist fantasy.

'Radix Journal,' a self-described neo-pagan website which fights for Euroethnic identity, has noticed the churches betrayal of their own people. After the Christian leaders condemned Pegida, one writer commented: “When the churches of Europe actively side with professed enemies of their faith [Muslims] over their own congregations, it can only be called collaboration with a foreign regime.” [2]

Why would anyone be inclined to support a religion which attempted to undermine their own people and culture?

The Ferguson shooting affair in Missouri demonstrated the true convictions of most evangelical Christian organizations in America. Popular publications like 'Christianity Today' supported the African American protestors even as they were spreading factually absurd versions of the events. The truth was trampled by “Christian” thinkers tripping over themselves to become voices for a social justice gospel seeking to slander Americans of European descent and embrace the suicide of the West.

The true victims in Ferguson, police officers, were shamed by libelous Christians willing to betray the truth to gain acceptance from the liberal establishment. Darren Wilson, an innocent man, was forced to resign from his job and go into hiding because of death threats and hatred incited by Christian clergy and social justice warriors for the “crime” of defending his life.

Christians everywhere should be ashamed of this betrayal of the truth.

The truly poor and oppressed are not the drug fueled thugs of the ghetto but the average European Americans whose heritage and ancestors are defamed, whose tax dollars are stolen to support minority drug habits, whose hard earned wages are manipulated on the stock market, whose jobs are stolen by less qualified affirmative action applicants, whose towns and properties are being invaded by Third World criminals, whose schools are being dumbed down by low IQ minorities, whose country is being swept out from under them by the selfish ideology of a multicultural elite now supported by a traitorous Church.

The Cultural Marxist theology now being spread by all major theological seminaries and publications around the Western world is a disgraceful ideology. It chastises Western civilization for the “sin” of slavery even as it ignores the reality that Euroethnic societies represent the only civilization in history to have abolished that institution.

Spraying law breakers with fire hoses in the 1960s was a “sin” European Americans must now be held accountable for, but the wholesale slaughter of Euroethnics at the hands of African American criminals is ignored or blamed on the history of Jim Crow “racism.”

Western colonialism saved the lives of billions of people worldwide through medicine and nutritional advancement, but because Euroethnics killed a few people while putting down several vicious insurrections the entire Western worldview must be repudiated as “oppressive.”

Euroethnic missionaries may be directly responsible for the salvation of billions of souls worldwide, but because these missionaries may have been “paternalistic” in their view of less intelligent ethnicities their contributions are regarded as meaningless, and some say they will be lucky to escape Hell (if Hell exists).

Through the eyes of this delusional theology, the ultimate obligation for Euroethnics is to subjugate themselves, repent of the sins of Western civilization, and allow the noble savages to monopolize power. Social justice is the ultimate good, and this justice requires Westerners to punish themselves for their history.

The most atrocious sin, to those clergy members who slandered Pegida, is the “sin” of Euroethnic identity. These Cultural Marxists support the cult of the martyrs, but they do not want to be martyred themselves, they want to offer up Western civilization to be martyred on their behalf. They seek to selfishly seize the moral high ground of suicidal self-sacrifice by pacifistically allowing Third World migrants to finish off lower and middle class people of European descent. These sick advocates stand to lose nothing. They do not have to compete with these immigrants for jobs or live with them in crime ridden slums.

For the traitorous church, the betrayal of the lower classes of one’s own people is a small price to pay for the greater “legitimacy,” power, and wealth that comes with access to the liberal elite.

Christians must take back our religion, or we will witness the extinction of our people.


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