LGBT "Marriage" & Race

LGBT Rights & Race
In Matthew 10:28, Christ told his followers they should fear the one who can destroy both the soul and body. He was referring to God, but his warning has modern cultural application.

Since the beginnings of the Cultural Marxist movement in the middle of the twentieth century, two great blows have struck Western Civilization. The first attacked the body of the West, the second is striking its soul.

The first blow was the civil rights movement of the 1960s. A movement designed to discredit European American social organization and destroy the validity of Euroethnic consciousness. Post-civil rights Euro-Americans are no longer allowed to identify positively with their ethnicity nor organize to protect or advance it. To celebrate one's European ancestry in this Cultural Marxist age is to be guilty of the newly minted “sin” of racism; one of the few sins still recognized in an otherwise morally depraved era.

The civil rights movement discredited centuries of American history and undermined the institutions whereby the Euroethnic core had created a powerful vibrant society. It was (and is) an attack on the body of the West: the European ethnicities. Whites, being the genetic biological manifestation of Western civilization, were directly assaulted. Those of European descent have been encouraged to view themselves as an oppressor class unworthy of existence as a self-identified group since the civil rights movement ended. Interracial marriage and adoption is encouraged by both secular and Christian Cultural Marxists in an attempt to destroy the unique genetic heritage of Western peoples. [1]

The genetically connected ethnic groups of the European race constitute the physical body of Western civilization. Wherever Euroethnics go, their corresponding civilization follows.

The second great attack on Western Civilization is currently an ongoing struggle. The battle over homosexual marriage. It is a battle to discredit the soul of Western man: the Christian religion.

For thousands of years Western Christian Civilization has asserted that same gender sex is sinful. The Bible supports this sentiment. [2] Sodomy, the old Western term for homosexual male intercourse, was named after a city literally buried under a firestorm of God's wrath. Many of the American founding fathers wouldn't even openly refer to the act because they considered it unfit for verbal description.

Today, the Cultural Marxists have decided to take this sexual perversion and champion its practice as a “human right” equivalent in moral virtue to the God ordained marriage union.

Such a moral coup threatens to undermine and destroy the entire Christian religion. If for millennia Christians have condemned homosexuality only to be discredited now, at the end of history, then Christianity is doomed. If the church was so wrong about homosexuality for thousands of years who would now trust it for moral guidance?

Merely questioning the goals of the civil rights movement today would inevitably lead to losing one’s job and social position. In an almost identical way, the LGBT movement will lead to the labeling of those who support traditional Christian morality as unfit for social association.

Today, no one can express racially realistic perspectives without being ostracized from society. In the near future those who express traditional belief in the Christian religion will likewise be ushered out the door of polite society.

The body can survive a thrashing if the soul is strong and hopeful, but if the soul is also attacked the body can do little to endure. In recent decades, many European Americans have been holding together a semblance of normalcy by preserving their culture though the language and institutions of their ancestral religion. But if their ancestral religion stands condemned by history these people will no longer have any respectable outlet for expressing themselves as a people group.

One would like to believe Christians will stand strong; that they will form a self-sustaining counter culture capable of preserving and defending their faith and heritage. But such hopes are probably ill founded. There is already open rebellion in the ranks. Many “Christian” thinkers are abandoning any defense of traditional morality. [3] The people of the West have been so battered and brainwashed by the liberal propaganda that engineered the civil rights movement that they are merely watching as the social justice warriors lay the groundwork for their annihilation. Indeed, Christian groups like Sojourners, the entire Anglican Church, and “theologians” like Matthew Vines are more than willing to assist in the effort.

The Christian clergy in Europe support the mass immigration of Islamic migrants who hate the Christian religion as they simultaneously condemn actual Christians trying to stand up for their faith. [4] Likewise, the LGBT “allies” among Christian Cultural Marxists are committing Christianity to suicide.

The Christian faith has never been sustained by non-Caucasian societies, and Euroethnics have never been a united people outside the Christian faith.

As the civil rights movement attacked the body of Western man so the gay marriage movement is attacking his soul. And our civilization will cease to exist if it has neither body nor soul.


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