Race is Not a Social Construct

Egyptian Races of Man (From Left to Right: God Horus, Egyptian, Libyan/Greek, Negroid African, Syrian)
It has recently become fashionable to claim race is merely a social construct. As popular as the notion might be, however, science does not agree. Racial/ethnic heritage effects a great many anatomical and cognitive traits. Race is more than skin deep.


The following are five reasons to believe that ethnicity is written in our DNA.

(1) Forensic DNA tests can predict a person’s race with 100% accuracy. The testers never see nor talk to the people they identify. Furthermore, DNA tests predict with 99% accuracy the difference between Chinese and Japanese people. [1] Genes do not lie. Race is real.

(2) Women of different races have different gestation periods. [2] Caucasian women carry their children a whole week longer than either Asians or Afroethnics.

(3) Doctors recognize major medical differences between the races. Sickle cell anemia does not affect people of European descent, [3] and the FDA certifies certain heart medications only for Afroethnics. [4]

(4) 1 to 4% of Eurasian people’s DNA is inherited from Neanderthals. [5] Afroethnics, however, have no Neanderthal DNA in their genetic inheritance (so much for “out of Africa”).

(5) The races differ in their athletic ability.

Every 100 meter dash record since 1968 has been set by an Afroethnic athlete. [6] Almost every weight lifting record has been held by a Euroethnic man. Swimming and gymnastics are dominated by Eurasians. [6]

Eurasians are stronger, and have better muscle control, while sub-Saharans are quicker and faster. These differences are caused by disparities in slow and fast twitch muscle fiber.


One common argument made to discredit the idea of race is that the races slowly blend into one another as one moves across the globe. For example, people who live on the Asian steppes show traits of both Caucasians and East Asians.

The problems with this argument is that the same thing could be said of colors, climate, and water.

When one looks at a rainbow, the individual colors of the spectrum appear distinct, but each color bleeds over into the adjacent color forming a gradual shift. According to the “social construct” theorists, color must not exist.

The northern tundra is freezing and arid, the Amazon rainforest is hot and humid, but between these two extremes is a long gradual shift in which the cold slowly blends into the hot. Do different climates exist?

At the mouth of a river the water transitions from salty ocean water to drinkable fresh water. There is no clear boundary in which the one becomes the other. Do fresh and salt water exist?

Mixed ethnicities do not discredit the existence of distinct racial categories. On the contrary, they confirm it.


The reason race is such a stubborn concept in the human mind is that our natural senses perceive the organic nature of it.

Race arises naturally. Two European American parents cannot give birth to an African-American child. Two Amerindian parents cannot give birth to an Australian aborigine. Two Scandinavian parents cannot give birth to an Afroethnic.

Humans naturally know that race is a real phenomenon controlled by the immutable laws of nature. “Like produces like.” Christians, especially, should understand that organisms reproduce after their own kind.

Furthermore, if race is nothing more than a social construct how do humans identify it so easily? The human brain identities a person’s race within mere seconds of seeing them. Even people born blind categorize people according to racial ancestry based on voice and hair texture. [7]

It took Michael Jackson an unknown number of plastic surgeries, skin bleachings, and hair transplants to look like a European American. Why does it require so much effort to imitate a member of another race if race is merely a social construct?


In an attempt to discredit the existence of race many have pointed out that genetic diversity within a race is greater than the diversity between races. For example, 85% of the genetic differences within the human species occurs within one race, and only 15% of differences do not cross racial boundaries.

The problem with this argument is that its advocates are only playing with numbers. Humans and bananas share 50% of our DNA. [8] Humans and Chimps share 98% of our DNA. Humans and mice share 97.5% of our DNA. [9]

Obviously, the 2.5% of DNA that differs between mice and humans creates monumental differences. Just because the DNA humans all share in common is higher than the DNA we do not share in common does not mean race does not exist anymore than it means that mice and humans are the same species.


The concept that race is merely a social construct is part of a broader American movement away from reality. The same people arguing that race is a social construct are saying the same things about gender and sexuality.

If everything is a social construct than nothing has any restraining power, and humans can do whatever is right in their own eyes. Race is not a social construct, it is God’s construct.


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