African American STD Rates

The U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported several startling statistics about sexually transmitted disease (STD) rates among African Americans.

48% of all African American women are infected with incurable genital herpes. [1]

African Americans have HIV rates 800% higher than that of European Americans. [2]

African American males are 1,100% more likely to contract chlamydia than European American males. African American women contact chlamydia 700% more often than European American Women. [3]

African American women are 2,100% more likely to be infected with syphilis than European American women. African American men are 710% more likely than European American men to have the same disease. [3]

Rampant promiscuity among Afroethnics has produced catastrophic STD rates amongst that population. Half of all African American women are infected with genital herpes. This astonishing statistic speaks to the level of sexual sin taking place in African American communities.

Afro-Americans have the highest church attendance rates in the country. They claim to believe in God more than any other ethnic group. This has not, however, restrained their sexual promiscuity.

73.2% of African American children are born out of wedlock. [4] [5]

African American Christianity cannot be viewed as a serious parallel to European American Christianity. Their churches are often more closely related to community action networks then faith organizations.


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