Martin Luther King was Not Christian

MLK Was Not Christian
Martin Luther King Jr. is the greatest Afroethnic hero in history. He is known around the world for his efforts to desegregate white society in the American South. Statues of him stand in Westminster Abbey, Birmingham, and America's national mall. He is the only African-American to have a national holiday named after him.

In Gallup's list of most admired people of the twentieth century MLK was second only to Mother Theresa. [1] He is even regarded as a possible saint by some religious groups. [2]

The reality, however, is that Martin Luther King Jr. was a moral degenerate and hedonist. Few people understand the breadth of King's debauched behavior, and the vile activities in which he participated.


Martin Luther King was not a Christian. The so called Baptist preacher denied Jesus' resurrection, the Virgin Birth, and even the divinity of Christ. As he wrote:
“In this paper we shall discuss the experiences of early Christians which lead to three rather orthodox doctrines -- the divine sonship of Jesus, the virgin birth, and the bodily resurrection. Each of these doctrines is enshrined in what is known as the 'the Apostles Creed.' It is this creed that has stood as the 'Symbol of Faith' for many sincere Christians this creed has planted a seed of confusion which has grown to an oak of doubt. They see this creed as incompatible with all scientific knowledge, and so have proceeded to reject its content. But if we delve into the deeper meaning of these doctrines, and somehow strip them of their literal interpretation, we will find that they are based on a profound foundation. Although we may be able to argue with all degrees of logic that these doctrines are historically and philosophically untenable.” [3]
King wrote that viewing Christ as divine was actually a destructive tendency: “To say that the Christ, whose example of living we are bid to follow, is divine in an ontological sense is actually harmful and detrimental.” [3]

King wrote that the virgin birth could not be accepted:
“First we must admit that the evidence for the tenability of this doctrine is too shallow to convince any objective thinker. How then did this doctrine arise?... It was believed in Greek thought that an extraordinary person could only be explained by saying that he had a father who was more than human. It is probably this Greek idea which influenced Christian thought.” [5]
On the resurrection he wrote: “In fact the external evidence for the authenticity of this doctrine is found wanting.” [5]

MLK also rejected the eventual return of Christ: “It is obvious that most twentieth century Christians must frankly and flatly reject any view of a physical return of Christ.” [7]

King did not believe the words of Jesus when he said “no man cometh to the Father but by me.” Instead, he chose to believe other religions could lead to salvation. He wrote: “Of course the true seeker will realize that there is no one way to find God.” [8]

No one can call themselves a Christian and deny the doctrines upon which every tenet of Christianity is constructed.

In an effort to salvage King's legacy some have suggested he turned from his apostasy later in life. There is, however, no evidence to suggest this. King preached hundreds of sermons during his life, but none of them support the idea that his doctrinal views changed over time. The evidence suggests he died in apostasy.


Martin Luther King Jr. was a sex addict and adulterer.

King was married and had several kids, but while spreading his ideology to the masses by day he spent his evening engaged in wild sex parties with random women he met after preaching.

Because of King’s connections to communist organizers, Robert Kennedy approved the FBI to wiretap him. [9] The investigation recorded numerous hours of his nightly sexual escapades.

On January 6, 1964, Newsweek magazine reported that one of the wiretaps captured the audio from a wild night long orgy in which MLK cried out “I’m F***ing for God!” [10]

Martin Luther King's best friend, Ralph Abernathy, admitted that King slept with a member of the Kentucky State legislature. That women is now known to be the first black female member of the state's governing body, Georgia Davis Powers. [11]

King made excuses for his animalistic behavior:  “I'm away from home twenty-five to twenty-seven days a month. F***ings just a form of anxiety reduction.” [11]

King's private language with his friends was especially crude and degrading. One FBI tape caught King telling Abernathy to, “Come on over here, you big black motherf***er, and let me suck your d***.” [11]

On the day of JFK's funeral, King, the greatest black spiritual leader in history, responded to Jacqueline Kennedy's emotional collapse by saying: “Look at her. Sucking him off one last time.” [11]

King spent the final evening of his life committing adultery. Following his assassination, King's friends told the woman to stay away from the ambulance in order to avoid tarnishing his legacy. [12]


Martin Luther King Jr. is described as a “Doctor of Theology.” He obtained this degree from Boston University and was among the first African-American men to be honored in this way. However, years later, after King was dead, Boston University officially recognized that King had plagiarized around 33% of his dissertation. [13]

If one were to look up King's dissertation in the archives of Boston University one would find a note from the University's academic committee explaining that much of the work was stolen.

Journalist Theodore Pappas reviewed King's school papers and described his plagiarized sentences (which were widespread throughout his work) as:
“easy to detect because their style rises above the level of his pedestrian student prose. In general, if the sentences are eloquent, witty, insightful, or pithy, or contain allusions, analogies, metaphors, or similes, it is safe to assume that the section has been purloined.” [13]
Martin Luther King Jr. did not have the intelligence to write his own school papers. King's robbery of other people's work was common throughout his life. Pappas explained how virtually everything King is popularly known for was stolen from other people:
“King's Nobel prize lecture was plagiarized extensively from works by Florida minister J. Wallace Hamilton; the sections on Gandhi and nonviolence in his 'Pilgrimage' speech were taken virtually verbatim from Harris Wofford's speech on the same topic; the frequently replayed climax to his 'I Have a Dream' speech - the 'from every mountainside, let freedom ring' portion - came from a 1952 address to the Republican National Convention by a black preacher named Archibald Carey; and the 1968 sermon in which King prophesied his martyrdom was based on works by J. Wallace Hamilton and Methodist minister Harold Bosley.” [13]

Almost every Sunday, a religious leader mentions the virtues of Martin Luther King Jr. If Christians continue to pretend MLK was a godly man how long will it be until we begin to embrace his doctrinal relativism and moral hedonism?

Leftist Christians are already hailing King's social justice gospel as more relevant to the twenty-first century than the orthodox doctrines passed down for thousands of years.

Martin Luther King needs to be exposed and dethroned. The quicker the better.


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