In recent decades Christianity has become a suicide cult. Theological leaders have reinterpreted the Bible into a document of ethnic and religious sadomasochism. Everywhere, Christians of European descent are being told by their church leaders and faith organizations to open their countries to Third World invaders, transracially adopt children, hand their country’s political authority over to less civilized minorities, tolerate and accept Islamic warfare against them, displace their children’s inherited privilege, bankrupt themselves giving “aid” to disparate corners of the globe, encourage their children to marry outside their ethnic group, and denounce their own ancestors as evil “racists” unworthy of commemoration or respect. In short, Euroethnic Christians are being commanded to erase their own existence.

The first addition of Radix Journal, published in 2012, was entitled The Great Erasure and contained numerous writings related to the soft genocide of the European people who are being culturally, religiously, and physically displaced from every country they once inhabited. Worldwide, it is only ethnic European nations being forced to integrate millions of invading “immigrants” migrating from global slums. In Europe, a steady stream of almost entirely male Muslims and Africans has been breaking through the borders of Europe encouraged by lenient policies and once solvent welfare systems. In North America, tens of millions of low IQ Latinos illegally cross the Rio Grande River into the rich Anglo empires of the North displacing their host’s economically and politically with the aid of periodic corporate and government backed amnesty. In Australia, the Indonesian “boat people” move to colonize. In South Africa, any semblance of law and order has long since collapsed since the fall of the prosperous Apartheid government.

Everywhere Christians are complicit in the erasure, and if ethnic Europeans survive the present crisis they will look back at the dark days and (rightly) view Christian institutions as traitorous conspirators in the destruction of their people. Gone is the legacy of the medieval church and its virile crusades to push back the planned Islamic conquest of Christian Europe. Gone are the Victorian missionaries who paved the way for virtuous European empire. Today, the greatest saint is Martin Luther King Jr. A man whose personal life was filled with sexual degeneracy, but who outwardly preached a gospel of European American dispossession. A man who denied every orthodox tenet of the Christian faith. A man who told ethnic Europeans to destroy their children’s futures to advance the existence of his own people. At core, a selfish and disgusting individual, but a fitting saint for an era of Western suicide. His existence as a moral figure embodies the rot at the heart of modern Christianity.

As a Christian, I find all of this horrifying. Not only on a socio-political level but on a personal one. I have spent my first twenty five years defending Christianity and living a moral life with the sacrifices it entailed, and now I find myself lectured by former drug addicts, fornicators, the newly baptized, and social justice warriors about the meaning of my own religion. I have almost literally been ostracized from my own faith community. Christianity has been hijacked by the most biblically illiterate groups of people in the faith, and they have been given their positions of prominence by theologians more deeply influenced by post “enlightenment” liberalism and late twentieth century Cultural Marxism than by the Bible or Christian tradition. These groups have feminized the religion and turned it into a spiritualized justification for being nice and pathologically altruistic. Utterly erased is the Jesus who vandalized the temple and violently drove people out with whips simply to instill a religious point. All masculinity has been removed from today’s female dominated church. A male may stand in the pulpit (sometimes), but the sermons he preaches are entirely the words of his mother.

One of the themes of this document is the un-Christian nature of the modern concept of equality. Never in the history of mankind has God expected or valued equality. The entire idea is a human fabrication. The words “all men are created equal” should go down in history among the most self-evidently stupid ever written. Their author, an intelligent slave holder, knew they were, but needed a France deeply influenced by liberalism to join his war cause. He accomplished his goal, but in so doing helped plunge the Western world into a destructive pursuit of the impossible. To pursue equality is to pursue mediocrity, and ultimately to debase everyone to the lowest common denominator. This critique spills over into the question of democracy and monarchy. Although I do not endorse a specific political system it is worth noting that the Bible constantly supports hierarchy over egalitarianism. It does this through monarchy, oligarchy, theocracy, proto-republicanism, and patriarchy but never democracy (i.e. mob rule). In fact, the “majority” is viewed as a wicked group destined for Hell.

I compile these thoughts as a defense of my religion from the right, from whom the calls to return to paganism grow stronger with every betrayal by pope, church, theologian, or denomination calling for more immigration or greater Euroethnic guilt. My prayer for the European New Right is that they will not abandon the faith of their fathers. To my fellow Americans I call for the rise of a new movement that will embrace religion, ethnicity, and culture as the foundations of political action rather than heartless economics. I call for the reshuffling of priorities, and the replacement of cold calculations of capital and profit with what should be the central concern of human identity. Specifically, a Christian Euro-American identity.

In the modern United States, subjects find their politicians talking primarily about economics. They talk about what’s good for business, wages, trade, corporations, manufacturing, etc. It often becomes difficult to decipher whether they believe the people serve the businesses or the businesses serve the people. Identitarians believe that money should always be secondary to the preservation of the identity group who created it, and that a responsible use of it should be defined by informed religious understanding. Ultimately, governments and businesses are merely tools for the development of healthy spiritual community, and if they fail to do this they should be abolished and replaced. As Jesus said, “the love of money is the root of all evil” and as Christians we should traffic less in currency and more in duty and love. Our communities should not be united by common economic gain but by our God given ethnicity and religion. We should honor those whom God created us to honor, namely, our religious brothers/sisters and our extended families (ethnicity). These are the bedrocks of true identity. Economic status can change overnight, blood and genetics can never be altered. Material goods are often stolen, religious truth will never be lost.