The Universal Civilization & Its Conceit

Racial inequality in intelligence has been accepted as scientific fact for hundreds of years. The publishing of 'The Bell Curve' and 'Mainstream Science on Intelligence' at the height of equality’s cultural hegemony in the 1990's is an example of just how consistent science has been on the issue.

The idea of racial equality (I'm including multiculturalism as part this ideology) isn't so much an attack on white people as a tool of the emerging universal civilization. This universal civilization is being willed into existence by capitalist interest groups (corporations) that see it as a way to create a single profitable market able to bypass the liability of pesky borders and cultural differences. Ideological and imperial advocates of universal civilization (cult of democracy, feminism, LGBT, liberalism, and world police) see universalizing late-Western ideas as a way to project their worldview across the globe and increase their power.

Building a universal civilization requires constructing a universal in-group. America, the core entity pushing this form of universalism, is temperamentally suited for this task because it succeeded in fusing various European ethnic groups into a single identity. It’s probably impossible to militarily control the world forever, so a universal civilization will solidify market unity through cultural uniformity. Civilizations obviously exist as unities, so any division (racial, religious, etc.) within the universal civilization must be eliminated in order to stabilize it.

The dismantling of racial segregation and European colonial empires following WWII was a social, economic, and political propaganda move aimed at neutralizing the competing anti-capitalist universalism of the Communist Bloc. The elite don’t actually believe in racial equality, and they definitely don’t care about theology, but they’ll say and do anything to demolish the divisive elements standing in the way of their universal civilization. Every move towards desegregation, gay rights, and “social justice” is a calculated effort to disintegrate any remaining walls inside their new civilization’s territory (and they claim global sovereignty). The cultural revolution can’t just “leave conservatives alone” because the very fact that conservatives haven’t incorporated themselves into the universal culture and market means they're attacking the universal civilization’s legitimacy.

It's still uncertain whether this universal consumerist civilization will succeed in incorporating and dissolving all humanity into itself. Technology, rapid transpiration, and mass migration have placed the universal civilization on path to victory. Resurgent nationalism in China is giving way to, at least, rhetorical globalization and changing cultural norms as the Middle Kingdom moves to universalize itself for the same power projection reasons the West did seventy years ago. It’s easier to utilize soft power if you’re willing to incorporate every race, religion, and culture into your own people’s identity (“See, we’re just like you”), but if you have no true religious or ideological convictions (the Chinese don’t) this process can easily result in the reduction of your own society to the lowest common denominator (money and sex).

The most serious obstacle facing the new universal civilization is the consequences of its own triumph. The civilized world, the white and Asian races, are facing demographic collapse. White Americans, Europeans, and Australians are shrinking as a percentage of the world's population, and their homelands are being invaded by millions of low IQ brown people from the global South. Asians in Japan, Korea, and China have the lowest fertility rates in the world. China's population is projected to shrink by hundreds of millions in the coming decades. Japan will lose half its people by 2100. Meanwhile, Africa's population, the least intelligent in the world, is growing out of control and disrupting all functional societies into which it migrates.

The universal civilization is an acid seeking to annihilate religion and race because they divide and discredit it from within. However, it's unclear whether Christianity is actually losing ground outside the universal civilization’s center (the West). Christianity is dominating in the “global marketplace” against its religious competitors (Islam, Buddhism, Paganism, etc.), and has used the universal civilization’s globalist tendencies for its own objective of making disciples of every nation. The universal civilization is extremely shallow, and by the time it falls (if it falls) the former elite may find themselves in a world where Christianity has conquered everything by utilizing the infrastructure that they helped build.