Black Panther: We Wuz Astronautz

'Black Panther' is more meme than movie. The film is meant to spread specific messages to it's viewers. All the typical post-Western memes are present: whitey is evil, colonialism is evil, black people are too cool to need whitey, and hip-hop degeneracy is cool.

America has become an inversion of the healthy ideal, we're assimilating down to the lowest common denominator represented by the animalistic African American worldview. Healthy societies imitate the noble conquering and empathetic spirit of the white man. Decaying societies honor its opposite, the immoral violent sociopathic spirit of the African male. When the black man is seen as a thing to be imitated it means your society's only "values" are sex and violence (hence the rise of hip-hop). Black males of character once imitated the white male archetype. Now, white males, lost in the rot of twenty-first century America, try to imitate black thugs. America's spirit is already Third World.

Among the 'Black Panther' memes being spread from the top is that the fake technologically advanced African kingdom of Wakanda represents "what blacks could have had if whites had never colonized Africa." In this capacity, the movie is just another component of the grievance factory that constantly churns out increasingly fantastical excuses for why black people are measurably dysfunctional by every civilizational metric.

The insidious aspect of 'Black Panther's' excuse meme is that it creates an alternative image of what allegedly might have been. It vividly portrays an artificial picture of what whites have taken from blacks. Many blacks will walk away from the 'Black Panther' movie actually believing Wakanda is an achievable society for black people, if only oppressive whitey can be overcome. The image of what's been "taken from them" and what they "could achieve" accelerates their exasperation when energized with a powerful cinematic experience. Humans are wired to believe what they see, and after 'Black Panther' millions of Americans will have "seen" blacks mastering technology and building super high functioning societies.

Of course, the reality is the exact opposite of what 'Black Panther' portrays. Reality has been totally inverted, as is common in the twenty-first century West: "God is oppressive, but sin is liberating. Truth is a lie, but lies are truth."

There has never been a high functioning black society in human history. In fact, even in America, where the richest blacks in the world live, there are few, if any, livable middle class black neighborhoods. The vast majority of black residential areas are saturated with disease, violence, crime, drugs, gangs, STDs, poverty, illiteracy, dilapidated buildings, and fatherless children. This is despite the fact that blacks are more religious on average than their white American peers.

In Africa, all the dysfunction of American blacks is magnified and concentrated. Cannibalism is practiced in most, if not all, sub-Saharan black countries. Global aid from white nations is continually required to stave off apocalyptic plagues like Ebola and prevent mass deaths from famine and drought. Africa is the American ghetto writ large across a half continent of one and a half billion people (projected to double by 2050). The containment of the sub-Saharan ghetto should be the civilized world's top priority, but its violent dysfunctional population is increasingly spilling out into the rest of the world.

South Africa is the future. Once a First World country with nuclear weapons when it was administered by white Afrikaners, South Africa is now a dump in which one in four people are infected with HIV-AIDS. The fall of the "racist" Apartheid government in 1994 was the greatest disaster South Africa ever experienced.

Few consider, however, that Egypt was arguably the first South Africa. Once a prosperous Caucasian society at the forefront of human achievement, it devolved into a semi-dysfunctional irrelevant backwater since it was invaded by Nubians and its population was deluded by migration and Islamic interference.

Most blacks are too uneducated to understand history as a complex process of drifting populations and evolution, and the mere fact that two thirds of Egypt is located on the modern geographical construct called "Africa" is enough for them to claim its entire legacy as their own.

My first encounter with the "Egyptians were black" conspiracy theory was in middle school when my black friend gave me book claiming most of humanity's accomplishments were somehow the product of black people. The book was, of course, insane, but its message has permeated the African-American consciousness. Thus the "We Wuz Kangz" meme was born to mock their dilussion.

Black Africans never invented the wheel, written language, or practiced monogamous marriage, but we're expected to believe they're still capable of building the most technologically advanced state in the world.

This is the disillusion being spread by 'Black Panther.' It's a dangerous disillusion because it's being used to justify the immigration of millions of sub-Saharan blacks into First World western countries. "Yes, their IQ's are only 70, but they'll soon be contributing to our GDP, just look at Wakanda you racist!" To suggest this argument won't be used by liberals in the coming years, consciously or subconsciously, is to misunderstand the psychology of the modern religion of diversity and equality. The facts don't matter. They don't matter in affirmative action hiring, they don't matter when young black thugs are shot by police, they don't matter when 52% of America's murders are committed by blacks (who are only 13% of the population), and it doesn't matter that Wakanda is a fictional comic book country. The only thing that matters is how much faith you have in the god of equality.

If identitarians fail to save the West from being taken over by the Third World, blacks will be claiming all the accomplishments of the past belong to their people (assuming they remember them). Third World America may be incapable of preserving electricity, much less a space program, but the dark skinned inhabitants will proudly proclaim: "We wuz astronautz!"