Sports Were all We Had

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America still retained a sense of unity and oneness as recently as 2001. A large terrorist attack led to fifteen years of war in the Middle East. Sustaining that kind of endeavor requires a level of social capital America has since lost. It's hard to imagine the American population uniting as it did in 2001 following another strike against "us." Terrorist attacks are now fairly common, but they now divide rather than unite us. Various media sources have already begun planning how to spin the next attack, and their plan factors in the perpetrator's racial and religious identity.

As recently as 2016, America still had something that might be confused for a national culture. This culture had been dying for a while, but it still mustered the strength to rise every Saturday and Sunday for the playing of the national anthem at America's sports games. Regardless of religion, geography, or skin color Americans were able to talk to each other about sports. "Last night's game" was among the only noncontroversial subjects we could use to strike up a conversation with someone with whom we had little or nothing in common.

Even this is an exaggeration. Sports fandom has been shrinking among certain American demographics for some time. The chances a member of the cognitive elite (in the Charles's Murray sense of that term) spends much time watching football has been rapidly diminishing over the last few decades. The majority of recent immigrants to America are from the Third World, and most have never played football or baseball, and they probably don't even know those game's rules. Even sports has lost it's ability to unite America, but at least it suggested the possibility a single cultural component could unite it.

Since 2015, America's devolution into a diverse segregated tribal society has accelerated dramatically. Every news story is weaponized to express each tribe's grievances and advocate its interests. Disagreements have given way to ignorance. Not only do various tribes disagree with one another, they don't know the other group's arguments, don't hear their narrative, and rarely meet their members. Rural Anglo-Americans are as separated from Somalian immigrants as they would be if the Somalians had never immigrated. Even the possibility of dialogue and unity has been largely eliminated.

NFL anthem protests are simply the latest manifestation of the culture war, but they also represent a possible end to the illusion that the culture war wasn't a prelude to real war. For a long time, conservatives have lived under the illusion that the term "culture war" is just an exaggerated expression for internal disagreements. Eventually, they assumed, Americans would come to some kind of consensus, and this consensus would unify a future America. They hoped this consensus would favor their side, but figured even if it didn't there would always be future opportunities to redeem America in generations to come.

What conservatives fail to realize is that the culture war has evolved from internal disagreements into an existential conflict in which America is fragmenting into warring tribes locked in indefinite war. This second civil war will succeed where the first failed, it will permanently divide America. Ironically, if the first civil war had ended differently the second might never have happened, or it's consequences might have been less serious.

The NFL conflict demonstrates this evolution from internal disagreements into existential fracture by outlining no specific point of protest. No one really knows why African Americans are refusing to honor the anthem and flag. The protests are about "racism," or whatever. Kapernaick may have intended his first demonstrations to bring focus to police shootings of young black men, but this topic is so broad and unfixable that the anti-anthem movement morphed into a protest against America in general.

There is no way for police to avoid shooting young black men. African Americans have IQs too low to function properly in a civilized society of laws, and the levels of drug abuse, single parenthood, poverty, and thug culture in the black community constitutes a violent criminal factory that must inevitably produce the kind of social delinquents who must occasionally be shot by police officers. Furthermore, these problems can't be fixed without "racism" because they're embedded in the black race's DNA. Unless the United States starts mass editing African American genetics it's doomed to permanently operate in a "racist" way or collapse into Third World chaos.

How can the NFL protesters be satisfied? They can't be, and because they can't be they will continue lashing out at a generalized "racist" America that cannot be changed (because blacks can't be changed).

This situation of perpetual conflict cannot end. The forces that justify the society are the very ones causing the conflict. Equality cannot be achieved, and yet if modern America is not united on creedal support for equality what, then, is America? Equality is failing, and diverse "equal" America is failing with it. It's ruin is the only way out, and this ruin is still a ways off. We can expect increasing low level violent tribal conflict into the indefinite future. Packers and Steelers fans will soon have more to fight over than what happens on the field, and there won't be any referees to ensure fair play.

The end of America's sportsball unity is good for identitarian Christians. Millions more conservative church goers will become susceptible to the red-pill as they discover blacks can't even play football without ruining America. Christianity is quickly being divorced from American identity as every bastion of our civil religion comes under siege by leftist movements populated by dusky faces.

Being a "good Christian" is already barely compatible with being American (since at least Obergefell). Christian leaders have been working feverishly since Martin Luther King to conform Christian theology with the Cultural Marxism of the modern age, but the left is always moving the goal posts, and eventually even the most normal normies will awaken to the reality that the NFL protests were just another step towards their displacement and genocide.