Christian Universalism

There's a modern tendency to extrapolate Christian universalism (that there's one God and Gospel for all) into every aspect of life. This results in many absurd conclusions including the claim that all individuals and groups are identical or can be made identical. This universalizing universalism is probably the result of liberal and Marxist tendencies influencing Christendom over the last couple centuries, and it isn't a necessary extrapolation of the Christian worldview.

It's now common to see Christianity criticized from both the Left and Right for its universalist tendencies. The Left criticizes Christian universalism for elevating Western Christendom above the world's non-Christian civilizations. Meanwhile, the Right (Alt-Right/New Right) criticizes Christian universalism for diluting the unique identity of Western people. These critics claim Christianity leads to the multi-cultural racial pluralism now destroying the majority of white nations.

Both the Left and Right's criticism of Christian universalism contains some truth. The Left's criticism is almost entirely true. There's a sense in which Western Civilization must be inherently superior to other civilizations and cultures because it emerged out of the one true religion.

However, the Right's criticism is less true, or at least less meaningful, because it attacks Christianity for asserting reality. Christianity might open the possibility of mankind's unity, but that doesn't change the fact that mankind does, in fact, share a certain unity. The rightist critic attempts to over assert the distinctions between the races and civilizations by suggesting different groups shouldn't share the same God.

There's a reason monotheism eradicated ethnic paganism everywhere it encountered it. Even the most barbaric pagans realized monotheism was logically more reasonable than every ethnos being created by a separate pantheon and yet somehow sharing unity as a species. Occam's razor supports monotheism. The local creation myths can't all be true. Only one can be accepted, even if that one is created by synthesizing the others into a single model (which is basically what modern religious pluralism is attempting).

The end of ethnic isolation, and the beginning of global interaction and knowledge exchange, demands universalism. The fact that the earth operates as a single entity, and the rules don't change from region to region, testify that universal organizing principles exist. Any failure to acknowledge this fact rebels against the demands of reality, and every pagan tribe that converted to Christianity has realized this. Facts don't change depending on whether you're in Europe or Africa, just as genetically inherited IQ averages remain essentially unchanged whether a black African lives in Asia or North America.

In other words, science supports universalism as much as Christianity does. Should whites reject science because it opens the door to universalism?

The modern Right's criticism has gained many followers lately because orthodox Christian universalism has mutated over the last century into something bizarre and insane. The universality of God, and the facts that result from his single creative mind, has been tortured by modern churches into a counter-factual heresy claiming all humans are exactly the same and groups don't exist. "Everyone is the same."

This heresy doesn't follow from the Christian worldview or Bible. There's absolutely no reason monotheism negates the possibility of diversity. One God can create different living organisms with different physical properties belonging to different groups without compromising his sovereignty over all organisms and groups. A single human can paint, sculpt, and compose music in different styles without negating his identity as one being.

The Bible specifically states that God divided humans into different racial and ethnic groups with different territories, languages, and ancestral genetic identities. In fact, it describes this process in fairly extensive detail. The ability of God to divide man into different groups with different identities doesn't compromise monotheism. The fact that black Africans have an average IQ of 67 and Europeans have an average IQ of 100 is just as logical as different trees having different colored autumn foliage; neither disproves or discredits Christian universalism.

God is an artist who paints with different colors, and he's not two different artists just because he uses both blue and green. If God created reality, and reality contains diversity, than Christian universalism cannot demand egalitarianism or Tower of Babel pluralism.

Christian universalism is logically necessary and easily understood. There's no suicidal mandate toward civilizational, religious, or racial pluralism inherent in its message. Christianity destroyed paganism because almost all pagan peoples who encountered it recognized its superiority as a worldview. Christian universalism emerged as the dominant religious perspective because it better explained reality, and thus there's no reason to assume Christians must now ignore reality in order to keep faith with it.