Alt-Right Church of Christ

Brunette Church of Christ was attacked by a black African immigrant named Emanuel Kidega Samson. The shooter injured seven and killed one. He was so incompetent he shot himself in the leg during the attack. Black Africans have average IQs below the mental retardation threshold, so it shouldn't surprise anyone that Samson was too stupid to commit mass murder.

The fact that this atrocity occurred at a Church of Christ might be coincidental, but it provides an opportunity for the Churches of Christ to wake up and accept racial realism and embrace ethno-nationalism. I grew up in the Churches of Christ and attended an associated college. My ancestors have been Church of Christ members for several generations. Naturally, I'm very interested in the church's future direction.

I hope the Churches of Christ will embrace identitarianism and become the first major Christian group to rebel against the theology of liberal death Christendom is now poisoned by. If you're a Church of Christ member reading this, I want you to know I too struggled to reconcile reality with my religious beliefs. This struggle inspired the creation of The following are some things I'd like you to know.

Groups are real. The Bible talks about racial and ethnic groups just as often as it talks about individuals. The Nation of Israel was an ethno-national state that excluded people based on racial ancestry (read Nehemiah). Yes, that's in the Old Testament, and you'll probably object that the Old Testament doesn't matter any more, but this idea was carried into the New Testament. The apostles constantly made distinctions between Jews and Gentiles. Before Stephen was stoned, he positively affirmed Israel's racial purification of the Holy Land during Joshua's conquest. Paul plainly stated in Acts that God created different nations ("ethnos") from one blood and gave each ethnic group a different territory to inhabit.

Everyone we respect was "racist." All of America's founding fathers were "racist," and many of them were also great Christian men. The leaders of the Restoration Movement were "racist," and they restored the first century church. Both Alexander Campbell and Barton W. Stone owned slaves, and they advocated shipping blacks back to Africa (known as the "repatriation movement"). In fact, everyone in history was "racist" until the 1960s. The moral concept of "racism" was invented by a communist revolutionary in 1930 to slander people who cared more about their ethnic family than about joining the communist movement. Western Civilization was built on Christianity, and the Christians who built it were "racist."

Loving white people doesn't mean you have to hate other races. The Israelites didn't have to hate the Philistines to drive them out of the land God promised their father Abraham and his ethnic descendants. Loving white people first is not an act of hate, but an act of love for the racial family God has given us. God expects us to love our family first, and our race is our extended family. Two white people are always more closely related than two people of different races. Every other race of people is allowed to love their own race, and they even institutionalize that love in order to celebrate their identity (African American History Month, for example). Why can't we, as white people, love our identity and seek to defend it?

Equality doesn't exist. No two people in all of human history were created equal. Equality is genetically and environmentally impossible. Equality is more rare than unicorns (unicorns are in the King James Version). The Bible never talks about equality, and it definitely never claims all humans are created equal (show me book, chapter, and verse). Yes, Galatians 3:28 says everyone is able to join the church and be saved, but if you're going to take it literally you have to support woman in leadership roles and transgender rights ("there is no male nor female"). Sorry, but equality is an impossible utopian mirage.

"Racism" has nothing to do with evolution. The Theory of Evolution wasn't created until after Charles Darwin's book was published in 1859. In 1790, the founding fathers restricted American citizenship to "free white males." The concept of race has nothing to do with evolution or the development of secular science.

The Bible affirms slavery, just accept it. How many hours have Church of Christ apologists wasted trying to explain away the Bible's support for slavery? If I have to listen to another preacher twisting the scripture to explain how "God hated slavery, but he wasn't able to condemn it in the first century because abolition was too radical back then" I'm going to break down in tears. This is the worst argument in history, and everyone knows it. Every serious Bible reader knows scripture affirms slavery, and no amount of ridiculous argument is going to convince people otherwise. If the Church of Christ accepts the alt-right worldview we can escape the need to justify ourselves to liberal critics. Say it with me: "The Bible accepts slavery, and so do I. Our Christian slave holding ancestors were fine people."

The Church of Christ is dying. Our numbers are terrible, and we're losing all our young people. Everyone knows this, and yet we remain stuck in the worldview of past generations. We're not even attempting to change anything, we just keep playing the game modern liberals want us to play. It's time to escape our death spiral. It's time to stand up and proudly reject everything the 1960s stood for; and yes, that includes racial nonsense about equality and diversity. Martin Luther King was a heretic who didn't believe Jesus was the son of God.

The alt-right is not "white supremacist." Nobody even knows what "white supremacy" means anymore. The term is thrown around by liberals to discredit anyone they don't like. "Racism" and "white supremacy" are just slur words, they're just insults used to silence truth. The alt-right doesn't think white people are superior to other races (how can that even be measured?). The alt-right is not racial idolatry (as the Southern Baptists claim). The alt-right is about white people loving our God given identity and defending our homelands from Third World and Islamic invasion. The alt-right is also about fighting against gay marriage and sexual perversion.

The Church of Christ isn't burdened by hierarchy and creeds. We have the ability to read the Bible and immediately change our beliefs, actions, and teachings in accordance with what we find in God breathed scriptures. Let's show the world we're able to accept the truth when we see it. Let's take the lead over denominations and forge a path towards truth and order. New generations will rise up and see that we led the Christian world back to God's created reality, and that we fought for our people while the denominations betrayed white people and preached immigration and demographic destruction. This chance is ours to lose.