Social Dislocation & Psychological Chaos

Mobility, diversity, and individualism are destroying our psychological health. Samuel Biagetti:
"Sebastian Junger observes in 'Tribe' that so many American veterans suffer to the point of suicide not because wars are traumatic, but because soldiers are cast out of the tight-knit community of the platoon into an atomized, individualist society."
We're all war survivors now. We belong nowhere, we're isolated from our loved ones and communities, and we're made to feel guilty for wanting to live within the company of our racial kin.
"In the conclusion to 'Everything in Its Path,' Erikson observes that all of modern American society is a bit like Buffalo Creek [a community scattered by a flood and never reunited], as attention deficit and anxiety disorders afflict dislocated individuals."
The massive rise in prescription anxiety medications might be the inevitable result of our modern social condition.

Can mobility, diversity, dislocation, and atomization be reduced within our technological world? Maybe not, but at least we can try to mitigate the effects by striving for religious and racial identity and homogeneity.