First Things: "Christianity is for Cucks"

Matthew Schmitz is the senior editor of First Things, and he just wrote one of the most cringe worthy articles I've read. In this abomination (there's no other word for it) Schmitz claims Christianity is for cuckolds and tells the story of a man who becomes a true Christian after being humiliated in battle and claiming his wife's illegitimate child after she cheated on him.

Furthermore, Schmitz suggests Africans may rise up and maintain Western Civilization, and that they may teach white people about Christianity as whites degenerate into a savage race.

Please read it. Leave a critical comment. Mine:
"Average African IQ: 67. Average White IQ: 100.
Enough said. There's no possibility of blacks saving high civilization. Any thought to the contrary is absurd. I teach in public schools, and the African American youth are nearly beyond redemption. Incredible stupidity and barbarism.
This is a sickening piece of writing celebrating being cuckolded... disgraceful. I'm going to go vomit in my bathroom. This is why so many young men abandon Christianity nowadays. They see a weak feminized and pathetic church. They want no part in it.
If cuckolding is an acceptable Christian outcome then Christians must be the most nihilistic people on the planet. No sane healthy human would accept cuckolding. Articles like this bring me to edge of despair. What's the point of life if God demands you to live as a cuck?
Matthew Schmitz, you may have just done more to ruin Christianity than numerous SJWs and liberals. Disgusting. I'm ashamed of my religion being lead by people like you. Absolute sewage."
Given the chance, mainstream conservatives will cuck. They'll betray their people rather than stand against liberalism. They're weak and degenerate.