'Coming Apart' & the New American Segregation

The rich and successful are segregating themselves from the rest of America, and the rest of America is sinking into dysfunction. That's Charles's Murray's thesis in 'The State of White America 1960-2010.'

He's right, but where does that leave us? How can we escape the accelerating dysfunction of the lower classes? How can we maintain wholesome families inside wastelands of drugs, liberalism, collapsing social trust, rising crime, dysfunctional institutions, and the moral gutter we're being forced to live within?

Is it possible to build a religious caste capable of rivaling the moneyed elites and diverse slum zombies? Is there a 'Benedict option" if we wanted to take it? Is there a dormant religious elite capable of founding alternative communities?

The fate of white Christians depends on whether we can escape being absorbed into the acid of lower class social chaos.