Unite the Right / Charlottesville

Forget about who "did it:" who drove the car or incited the violence. This chaos is the new normal and the real culprit is diversity.

Homogeneous societies don't experience social unrest on the level we've seen in Virginia. Nations united by religion, race, and culture don't plow over each over with cars or engage in street wars.

The sheer diversity of the protesters and counter-protesters in Charlottesville this weekend testify to how divided America has become. The coalitions represented were so broad and diverse it would be interesting to calculate how many independent tribes were represented in the anarchy and street battles this Saturday: blacks, Hispanics, southern pride groups, KKK, homosexuals, feminists, Black Lives Matter, hippies, white nationalists, pro-life Christians, atheists, Muslims, etc. etc.

This is America's new reality, and it's only getting worse. Diversity will increase in the coming decades, and the result will be more violence, more division, less dialogue, and more autistic screeching from all sides.

Soon, the only commonality binding Americans will be their diverse grievances. Unity in diversity (of hatred). A salad bowl of hate.

There is only one solution, and it isn't likely to emerge in the near future. Secession on a mass scale. Purification of America, and reassertion of our identity as a white Christian nation. Mass deportations, mass reassertion of religious identity, and the suppression of degeneracy.

Diversity + Proximity = War. With diversity increasing and proximity closing through technological globalism there can be little doubt the war is about to heat up.

There's a reason God told the Israelites to wipe out religious and ethnic diversity when they conquered the Holy Land, and America is about to learn God's wisdom the hard way.