Trump as Rear Guard

Cambria Will Not Yield:
"The Christian Europeans have been completely routed by the liberals. They are fleeing the battlefield in disarray with a relentless enemy on their trail. Trump has volunteered to offer his services as a rear guard to cut down on the causalities. It ill behooves us to criticize anything he does, because whatever he does it is more than anybody else has offered to do for the European people. If we had a non-satanic government, if liberals were not spawns of Satan, we could write editorials and books in which we disagreed with Trump and told him he should do this rather than that. But this is war. Stop treating the rear guard as a failed general and commend him for his efforts. There can be no victory in rearguard actions, but we can take advantage of them to go home, lick our wounds, and prepare for another assault on the enemy. Actually, in the case of the modern Europeans, we have to say, ‘Prepare for a first assault,’ because they have not yet begun to fight."