Nowhere to Run (It's the Alt-Right or Extinction)

Rod Dreher is having a melt down virtue signalling against the alt-right. He re-posted a white Christian mother's comment about fearing for her son's futures:
"I tried to read the comments on your blog post, 'The Curse of Identity Politics,' but I just couldn’t finish them. All I can hear or see is 'white men are evil and have oppressed so therefore... burn them at the stake.' Of course, they don’t use those words, but it feels that way.
Let me say this before I continue, when I saw the photos of Friday night’s march in Charlottesville, I was shaken to the core. I showed my family, all white and middle class and educated, and we just... it was devastating. We all unequivocally denounced these idiots and mourned for all of us.
But next, I want to add something as a mother. I have two boys. They are white and as a school teacher, I suppose we are considered middle class or somewhere there about. I am divorced, and their dad shows up when he feels like it. We also live in rural west Texas, and frankly, that doesn’t feel so 'privileged.' Nonetheless, I will grant that they have the benefits of their class, race, and sex. And yet... I am so afraid for them. It feels as if everyone (other than stupid alt-right morons) hates them. I mean it. That is what it feels like. I am raising them to be Christian. I have already started to teach them that this racist, neo-Nazi crap is evil. They are only 8 and 10, but it is never too early!
Today, after watching all the news commentary and my Twitter feed, I have little hope for them. It won’t be enough that we condemn the alt-Right, we will have to join the Left, and that we cannot do.
That probably sounds a little crazy and dramatic, but nonetheless seemingly necessary. I will now start to teach them, and show with my own witness as much as I can, that our lives are not our own. They must not bow to the Alt-Right nor to the Leftists. And that will mean martyrdom of some kind. I hugged them so hard tonight and the oldest asked, 'Mom, why are you so sad?' How the hell am I supposed to answer that? All of these idiots with their personal agendas and 'white structures' and 'white privilege' bulls***, tell me: what would you say to my sons? Do you actually think any of this ends well for them? Either they capitulate to the Left, join the alt-Right, or martyr themselves to both.
How does one raise a son to be a martyr? I feel like I don’t have the training for that or even the strength. I also feel that I am no longer being over dramatic. I think we are here. It is time."
White Christian Americans are trapped against the encroaching storm of leftist erasure/genocide against them. The alt-right will rise because it's currently the only alternative to being destroyed by the left.

Rod Dreher, in responding to the mother and an alt-right commenter, admitted he had no pracitical realistic alternative for "non-elite white men and boys." The cucks know they're irrelevant even while they denounce the only people with ideas.

I think my own parents are starting to realize this. A decade ago they wouldn't even entertain the idea of white identity, now they sympathize with alt-right causes (even at Charlottesville). White identity is inevitable, and white Christians can either join, create a viable alternative, or virtue signal themselves into extinction.