Samuel Huntington's 'Clash of Civilizations'

Those of us who separate humanity into racial groups, and see race as a major historical factor, often face the problem of borders and boundaries. Where does the white race end and middle easterners / blacks / Asians begin?

Samuel P. Huntington provides the answer in his book on civilizational conflict: religion. Huntington speaks of race only a couple times in his 321 page book, but he substitutes it with religion and manages to avoid the topic without much difficulty.

Turns out, the lines of civilization, religion, and race often converge at the same territory and populations. Huntington admits, however, that religion isn't the only factor. Black Africa strongly embraces "Western Christianity" and yet remains miserably poor, dysfunctional, and weak compared to Europe and America.

Identitarian race realists have lessons to learn from Huntington. His ability to effectively describe the world's divisions and conflicts without mentioning race suggests that race isn't the only meaningful identity. The West won't be restored simply by creating homogeneous white ethno-states.

'The Clash of Civilizations' is an excellent book, and those interested in understanding history, society, and the future will improve themselves by reading it.