The Church Betrays Italians

White Westerners wake up and fight for their survival. Christians double down on committing civilizational suicide. How long will this trend continue? Washington Post on rising Italian opposition to invasion:
"The community has turned against the asylum seekers who have been setting sail toward Italy in search of a better life. The new mayor is talking about barring the way to fresh arrivals... campaigning against a proposed migrant reception center in their midst. And a priest who dared to shelter an undocumented Ghanaian man was slapped with a fine for failing to tip off authorities to his presence.... Massimo Biancalani, who has thrown open his church doors to a group of largely Muslim migrants. About 30 young men stay in the church’s warren of outbuildings at any one time. Not all of them are legally registered in Italy, and last month he was fined about $380 for failing to notify authorities within 48 hours that he had taken in a 26-year-old Ghanaian man."
Satan already gutted the church by portraying it as "backwards" during the rise of liberalism. Now, he's finishing it off by pitting it against the inevitable resurgence of white identity. How blind are the church's modern leaders?