Christianity Today is Eroding Sexual Identity

Christianity Today (CT) is probably the most influential contemporary evangelical magazine. This position hasn't stopped it from slowly sliding into feminism. As long as I've read CT its been moving toward endorsing female church leadership (in contradiction to 1 Timothy 2:12, numerous other verses, and 2,000 years of church precedent).

CT recently released an interview continuing the trend. In 'Why Churches Should Give Woman a Chance' the magazine gives positive press to a feminist author who wants women to lead. Excerpts:
"God's people can't unite against the Enemy when half of them are on the sidelines."
"the former professor and academic dean at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (and longtime cohost of the radio program Discover the Word) calls on church leaders to welcome women into leadership roles."
Even mainstream traditionally orthodox Christian publications and institutions are moving left. Their just twenty years behind the SJWs. Deconstructing every form of God created identity (gender, authority, race, ethnicity, hierarchy, etc.) is now common among Christian thought leaders.

One wonders if this slide might also be related to black woman and other minorities being leaders in matriarchal societies. Of course, it's certainly related to the inevitable moral conclusions of equality. Equality is an all consuming god.