Christian Leaders are Traitors

The American church's institutions and leadership are almost totally rotted out.

Charlottesville has shown us that, when the cards come down, contemporary Christian leaders and institutions are violently against the only movement with a chance to stop the advance of liberal secular anti-Christianity. They're either cowards, or they actually want to lose.

From the Huffington Post to Christianity Today, Christians in all forms of authority piled on the vitriol against our people today. They sided with homosexuals, minorities, and Antifa against us.

Ed Stetzer at Christianity Today personified the beta cucking:
"So, as a white evangelical, part of a demographic category who disproportionally supported President Trump, let me start by saying this movement [alt-right] is antithetical to the gospel. It is an abomination to all that we stand for, and it must be condemned on every level of leadership in the Church. There is no room for waffling. We cannot sit in silence hoping this will pass."
Stetzer called the alt-right, the side fighting against militant homosexuals, an abomination. I've been reading Stetzer for several years and never heard him call the LGBT movement an abomination (even though the Bible calls it that).

Stetzer's slander was elevated to the website's banner article by CT's editors.

Susan Thistlethwaite at the Huffington Post claims she's a professor at the Chicago Theological Seminary and that the alt-right is "demonic." She fails to quote any scripture except the story of Jesus casting out Legion (as if the connection is self explanatory).
"Many who are condemning what has just happened in Charlottesville are calling the racism that fuels it “sinful” and this rally “evil.” That’s true. But the kind of wickedness that defines the demonic is more than sin and evil. It is, in fact, the malignancy of sin and evil combining and reinforcing each other,"
Thistlethwaite isn't content calling the alt-right sinful, she wants to virtue signal higher and better than her Christian peers, she decides it has to be "demonic." Again, this Bible professor is totally open to condemning, with the worst vitriol, the alt-right, but she thinks Christians have an obligation to fight for transgender bathrooms... I kid you not. Disgusting.

Russell Moore, the supposedly conservative former Southern Baptist President, and the prince of Christian cucks, is always at the vanguard of condemning reality (i.e. the alt-right):
"The so-called Alt-Right white supremacist ideologies are anti-Christ and satanic to the core. We should say so. #SBC17"
Of course, Moore would never say homosexuals are "satanic." He pleads for Christians to love and understand their views.

Left is right and down is up for popular contemporary Christians. Do these people ever read their Bibles? Have they never read about ethnonational Israel or Paul's condemnation of homosexuality in Romans 1:24-25.

How can the church not collapse when nearly all it's leaders are actively working against its interests and values?

UPDATE: The Christianity Today cucks virtue signaling themselves into irrelevance: 'Evangelical Advisers Condemn Charlottesville Rally More Than Trump.'