Sola Scriptura Against Reality

Pre-modern Christianity seems to have differed from modern Christianity primarily in viewing reality (creation/nature) as an order Christians had to harmonize with. The Bible was seen as only part of God's revelation rather than man's sole authority. Doctrine had to be reconciled with reality as much as with the Bible.

In pre-modern Christianity a theologian couldn't just extrapolate a doctrine from the Bible without first considering created reality's relevance to the discussion.

Modern Christians, however, are reduced to absurdities because they subject reality to ideology, and ideology is a mutated form of doctrine. "There is no such thing as race," for example, can only become an accepted Christian perspective within a sola scriptura paradigm because it subjects created revelation to an ideological commitment. Only in modern Christianity can an insane idea be entertained as true.

LGBT theology is the most extreme form of modern Christianity because the thinkers behind it totally ignore created revelation in favor of an abstract doctrinal assertion that obviously contradicts nature.

Sola scriptura may have led to the idea that doctrine/ideology can be divorced from God's created order. It opens space for an alternative reality in which one can create an internally consistent logical idea that doesn't comport with external truth. If scripture defines reality then changing one's interpretation of it is essentially the same as manipulating nature. If scripture seems to say everyone is equal then Christians must accept this reality regardless of all observed evidence.