Alt-Right Christianity is Growing

American Crusader (@TheTrumpNation) pointed me to a VDARE article suggesting the Southern Baptist Convention should dissolve for claiming the Alt-Right is an "anti-gospel." The article asserts the Alt-Right is compatible with Christianity (amen), and links to this website and others that affirm an identitarian oriented Christianity.

Among the sites listed is Damian Michael's site (check it out). He also has a Youtube channel you might want to follow. Of course, it also mentions Faith & Heritage. It would take too long to mention everyone, so here's a few more: Links. Let me know if you have a similar project, I would love to add you to the list.

We are growing, and we can be certain that rededicating our race to God is a holy cause. God is truth, and we're a vanguard fighting contemporary lies. We should support everyone contributing to this noble cause.