"It is, I think, one of the first duties of Tariff Reformers to keep people's fixed upon this vital point - the amount of our national production. It is that which constitutes the real income of the nation, on which wages and profits a like depend." (Page: 13)

Speaking of the sentiment within Anglo-Saxon White settler colonies within the British Empire about trading their goods with Britain: "...the people of those countries are anxious that British hands should get it [their exports]. They have, if I may so express myself, a family feeling, which makes them wish to keep the business within the family.... Let nobody say after this that Australia shows no family feelings.... The idea which lies at the root of it is that the scattered communities, which all own allegiance to the British Crown, should regard and treat each other not as strangers but as kinsmen, that while each thinks first of its own interests, it should think next of the interests of the family, and of the rest of the world only after the family. That idea is the very cornerstone of imperial unity." (Pages: 18-20)