DNA evidence proves Joel Edgerton was an accurate cast for 'Exodus.'

For years we've had to endure claims by African-Americans and other sub-Saharan groups that the ancient Egyptians were black people. The controversy is finally over (hopefully).

Finally, after more than a century of mounting evidence, DNA analysis has definitively proven the ancient Egyptians were Caucasians closely related to other Mediterranean people groups. The researchers even made a point of saying they didn't find sub-Saharan DNA in the ancient Egyptian population. The Washington Post:
"A study led by researchers at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History and the University of Tubingen in Germany managed to plug some of those [ancient] genetic gaps. Researchers wrung genetic material from 151 Egyptian mummies,  radiocarbon dated between Egypt's New Kingdom (the oldest at 1388 B.C.) to the Roman Period (the youngest at 426 A.D.)... Johannes Krause, a University of Tubingen paleogeneticist and an author of the study, said the major finding was that 'for 1,300 years, we see complete genetic continuity.' Despite repeated conquests of Egypt, by Alexander the Great, Greeks, Romans, Arabs and Assyrians — the list goes on — ancient Egyptians showed little genetic change. 'The other big surprise,' Krause said, 'was we didn't find much sub-Saharan African ancestry.'"
Case closed. Blacks were never "kangz." The age old Egyptian race debate is finally over (until the latest Afroethnic conspiracy theory emerges to salvage black self-esteem).

The research discovered Egyptians were related to Northern Mediterranean and European people groups: "Ancient Egyptians were closely related to people who lived along the eastern Mediterranean, the analysis showed. They also shared genetic material with residents of the Turkish peninsula at the time and Europe."

Egypt's modern racially mixed population is a product of the near past, and the increasing sub-Saharan genetic influence parallels the decline and fall of ancient Egyptian civilization: "'It was not until relatively recently in Egypt's long history that sub-Saharan genetic influences became more pronounced. 'In the last 1,500 years, Egypt became more African, if you want,' Krause said."

It seems fair to assume the Egyptians collapsed as a coherent ancient civilization because they race mixed with black Africans.

The Washington Post article ends with a question: "It is not clear when the African gene flow, present in modern Egyptians, occurred." In other words, black Africans contributed nothing to the glory of ancient Egypt.

If the ancient Egyptians were totally Caucasian with little to no sub-Saharan African DNA how much more Caucasian must the ancient Israelites and first-century Jews have been? The Bible was composed in a totally Caucasian world.