It's acceptable for Asian-Americans and other minorities to need racially similar churches and spiritual mentors, but if a white person needs those things they're a sinful racist. Hypocrisy at Christianity Today:
"The trajectory of my entire spiritual journey changed when I was 20 years old and I met Asian American Christians who were able to help me integrate my ethnic identity and my faith. Although I’m grateful for the spiritual mentors I’d learned from up to that point, they were all white. What women of color like me often need is to find mentors of color who can reflect a fuller picture of the image of God than they can receive through discipleship relationships with only white women and men.
The opposite principle applies to those who are white. For those who recognize that all of their spiritual disciplers are white, there is a simple solution—to intentionally submit to the spiritual leadership of someone from another cultural or ethnic background."
Liberal Christians are openly admitting a racial double standard: diversity/displacement for whites, racial solidarity for minorities.