"Race" is Part of American Civilization

Rightist observers from outside North America may have a difficult time time understanding America's obsession with race and ethnicity. Race is, however, a crucial concept in American "civilization," and it is the fault of the outside observer in not understanding it. Every civilization has it's own internal components which are generally not understood by outsiders, but it's not the fault of a society that the "other" cannot comprehend it's social constructs.

I've had many unique experiences with this reality as a foreigner living and working in China over the last two years. Much of the Chinese worldview is founded on concepts and modes of thinking that seem bizarre, nonsensical, and even wicked to outside observers. The Chinese concept of "face," for example, has no equivalent among westerners. 

The challenge for Christians is to merge our religious worldview into an orthodox interpretation of Christianity that makes sense within our civilizational framework. "Race," as an important social category, may be unique to a Western or American civilization, but it's potential lack of universality is not a testament against it's reality.