Races and ethnic groups are extended families.
The biggest difference between liberal and alt-right/traditionalist Christians is that liberals see race/ethnicity as an illegitimate artificial social construct while we see it as extended family. This single difference contributes to almost every other theological conflict on the issue.

I've come to think that if we can instill the "race is family" truth into our population everything else will naturally follow without much trouble.

1. If people know race is family they'll realize embracing white identity is as normal as introducing yourself with a surname.

2. If people know race is family they'll understand that ethno-national countries are just large scale family homes.

3. If people know race is family they'll understand how genetic and cultural inheritance is passed through racial populations.

4. If people know race is family they'll realize races are sometimes as incompatible as different families.

5. As nuclear families continue to decline in the white world, the image of race as family will become more attractive to the average white person.

"Race is family" might accurately be described as kinism, but "kinism" is a term I think over-complicates the issue. There is no other Biblical or genetic way of viewing race except as extended family (examples: Nation of Israel, Genesis 10). The truth is so obvious it shouldn't be described as an "ism" as if there were any possible alternative perspectives.

With the advent of widespread DNA testing and Ancestry.com, the evidence that race is family is becoming popular and incontrovertible. The last step is drawing the connections together for the "normies" to interpret correctly.