Traditional Christianity Embraced by the Alt-Right? seems to have finally glimpsed the movement's need for an alliance with Christianity. Read their latest take: 'Traditional Christianity Is Making A Comeback In France. Why the Alt-Right should dial back some of its anti-Christian vibes.' Excerpt:
"And it is from this Traditionalist stock [orthodox Catholics] that a very large portion of Génération Identitaire is formed (probably the majority in France, I can’t speak for Austria and Germany). ‘Trads’ can also be found in organizations like Deus Vult (yes that is a real organization in France) and older, more storied ones like Action Française. These people are strong, faithful, and perhaps most importantly, fecund Catholics that believe in a France for the French and a return to traditional values."
In addition to supplying the French identitarian movement's manpower, France's traditional Christian Catholics seem to be the only one's producing the next generation of white people: "they tend to marry young and place a high emphasis on bearing kids, one can expect these families to have upward of eight or nine children. I’m not even kidding..."

The author also rejects the idea that France ever had a pre-Christian identity. As I've written previous essays, European identity is inevitably linked to the coming of the Christian faith and the development of "Christendom."

The Alt-Right must continue curving toward Christianity if it hopes to appeal to a more reliable and healthy demographic. Identitarianism is a Christian movement.