THE FUTURE DOESN’T NEED US. Technology is rendering humans useless economically and militarily. Rough estimate: 90% of humans are no longer militarily usable as martial technology advances beyond armies and manpower and into cyber and remote controlled units (drones, etc.). The mammon machine has displaced us, and abhors our inefficiency. Work is approaching a point where it’s no longer necessary for advancement or survival. Some humans are still useful for management and other non-robotic tasks, but this is drying up. There are more people alive today than ever in history, and yet most of us are useful only  as “consumers.” The real work was completed in the past and is now maintained by technology. We’re entering a post-scarcity world.

THESE TRENDS ARE PROBABLY INTRACTABLE. The concentration of wealth and money, and work and usefulness (materially speaking) cannot be reversed. The design of the human mind renders a reversal impossible: humans are susceptible to advertising, humans will be distracted by entertainment, and humans won’t work if they don’t have too. Wealth is concentrating in the “1%” and we can’t take it from them because their resources are too extensive (corporations verses small businesses); their probably too organized to be uprooted.

THEY’RE ATTACKING OUR “BUGS.” Identity is no longer efficient. Religion, ethnicity, exclusive in-groups, and other sub-universal divisions produce less than perfect consumers who might rebel against the machine. Non-consumerist/un-marketable identities will be hunted for elimination (“anti-discrimination” laws).

RELIGION IS RESISTANCE. Mammon will erase our souls and replace it with efficiency and consumerism. Monastic restriction is a check on the machine. The “last man” can be resisted by a reawakening of our internal spiritual struggle. We can’t create meaning in a post-scarcity world without a non-material value system upon which to base our worldview. Religion is the only widespread non-material worldview. Christianity is the most reasonable religion, and should be embraced as the anti-mammon alternative.