'From the Cape to Cairo', Puck, 1902. Britannia leads civilising soldiers and colonists against Africans as Civilisation conquers Barbarism. Library of CongressMark Citadel recently suggested the English ethnos should define itself against "British" identity as a universalist project and return to a more modest and specific self-identification. This made me think about how "British" is similar to the modern idea of "American" as an ideological concept recently divorced from any idea of God designed reality (ethnicity, family, land, etc.).

At some point, it seems the British and Americans (my own group) became too arrogant, and tried to extend themselves beyond definable boundaries. The British Empire in particular, during it's last decades, seems to have over-extended itself out of hubris into regions it could not maintain financially, and had little strategic justification to occupy. This geopolitical over-extension was accompanied by an over-extension of identity that evolved into the modern farce in which Africans and other "Syrians" are now just as British as the local English ethnic population. America is almost the same, but the evolution occurred over a shorter period of time.

Lesson: the ethnos should learn it's limitations and purpose and not attempt to reach beyond God defined boundaries. Over-extension blurs walls and creates identity cracks that become huge breaches. End result of an arrogant ethnos: the "nation of immigrants" and "America is an idea."