David T. Koyzis writing at First Things:
"Yet this [positive projection for communism's future] is to overestimate the power of an ideological illusion to reshape the world... no matter how powerful a particular political vision may appear to both supporters and detractors, it cannot indefinitely contradict reality with impunity. People can only 'live within a lie,' as Václav Havel famously put it, for so long. Truth has a way of making its presence felt, even as some undertake to deny it... liberalism has sought to reconfigure as many communities as possible, including the institutional church, as mere voluntary associations. As it seeks to apply this voluntarism to marriage and family, which are not mere social constructs but are firmly anchored in God’s creation, we may see liberalism at last reaching a breaking point."
God's created order is good, and any rebellion against it (socially, sexually, racially, morally, etc.) can only last so long. Modern liberalism's insurrection against racial reality is doomed to fail. People are waking up to race as a real concrete non-voluntary identity.