R.R. Reno has written an uncharacteristically ridiculous piece at First Things in which he claims Islam should be embraced as one of the religious identities contributing to the American pluralistic system.

He uses a single African-American Muslim thinker who wrote a book about how Islam might be compatible with American society to argue that "Muslim-American" is a legitimate expression of Americanism.

The existence of "Muslim-American" demonstrates the emptiness of American identity.

America no longer means anything at all. It doesn't matter if you're Muslim, Christian, atheist, Taoist or whatever you want. It doesn't matter what race you belong to either. The existence of "Muslim-American" demonstrates  America is merely a geographical expression with no meaningful identity.

If I, as a Christian, must accept the existence of "Muslim-American" just to preserve liberal pluralism than I would rather reject liberal pluralism and work for the construction of a new system that supports my identity group.

The current socio-political situation that exists in America serves no one, especially not white Christians. Why should I invest anything in it? And if white Christians abandon it, who will support it?

America is now a hollow empire inspiring respect from no group. It has no core population to support it.

First Things recently had George Soros financed Russell Moore as a speaker at one of their events. It wouldn't surprise me if Soros, or one of his clients, isn't  tightening it's fingers around First Things and R.R. Reno.