The alt-right is our bridge back to Christian civilization.
The alt-right is the answer to countless prayers, but many Christians are slow to embrace it.

For years, the Christian right has prayed to God to save America. We’ve seen the train wreck our country has become as it embraces moral atrocities like abortion, gay marriage, and the purging of Christian references from the public sphere.

How many old women and church elders spend their evenings and congregational gatherings begging God to stop America's decay? Personally, my church held prayer meetings every first Sunday of the month for this purpose.

I thought it was hopeless. I figured God had made his judgment and decided to destroy us for our continued evil. I'm a millennial, and it was obvious every day at my high school that America, whatever “America” means, was rapidly descending into empty debauchery.


Identitarianism is about affirming our God given identities.

I attended a conservative Christian college and found my peers, most of whom were raised in Christian homes, not far from my secular public school mates when it came to moral decadence. Perhaps the only difference was that they were more hypocritical about it, they kept their Saturday night drunken orgy a secret while sitting in worship the next morning, whereas my public school friends flaunted their exploits.

My college started a football program. The team consisted of a disproportionate number of African American young men. The school said it was a great opportunity for the majority white Christian student body to minister to these poor kids from the ghetto.

Forget about it, the football thugs barely talked to anyone who didn’t regularly smoke weed, and they certainly had no interest in living a Christian life.

Our college’s new diverse population descended into conflict as the Christian faction and thug faction competed for control of the limited social space. The administration sided with the thugs, because they were black, and because the administration wasn’t racist... obviously.

It didn’t matter that the thugs threatened us with violence, did drugs on campus, and were caught using their dorm room as a porn studio, they were victims of our "racial discrimination" (as the president informed us).

My exposure to black people in public school and private college left a sour taste in my mouth. It didn’t take many Google searches to discover American Renaissance and Jared Taylor. One calm collected man with a slightly interesting accent destroyed years of my liberal training in minutes. I came to know the truth about racial differences.

As my knowledge expanded, I began seeing the liberal lies for what they were. I began realizing almost all the forces controlling our society are opposed to my identity as a white Christian male.

It wasn't just what the old people at church talked about, it was more than gay marriage. The forces of liberalism are fundamentally committed to using liberty and equality to destroy everything associated with Western civilization: religion, race, and culture.


Average African American IQ: 85. Average European American IQ: 100.

Our rejection of equality is what unites every branch of the alt-right. The truth of inequality is what gives us the courage to condemn the entire liberal establishment.

Everything we learned in grade school history class was a lie. History is not some Hegelian process whereby equality and liberty march forward into democratic utopia. The Civil Rights movement, abolitionism, and the after school "gay-strait alliance" were built on deception. 

Blacks and whites have never been equal. They have never had the same intelligence. Whites have achieved far more throughout history than blacks. While whites were conquering colonial empires, blacks were naked and illiterate in Africa.

The Civil Rights movement was more like the Ferguson riots of 2014 than the peaceful non-violent struggle we were taught in school. Martin Luther King Jr. was a disgusting sex addicted pervert who didn’t believe any of the foundational doctrines of Christianity.

All my life, I was taught God wanted us to tell the truth; and yet, my society had fed me nothing but lies about race relations.

The gay marriage movement gave rise to pro-LGBT Christian voices who encouraged us to temper our opposition with tolerance, and even accept God's love for homosexual unions. If we didn’t... we were evil haters who brought shame on the church. Thousands of years of Christian doctrine were ignored and discarded.

Jesus was killed for telling the truth. He attacked the Pharisees and other religious leaders for their hypocrisy and deception. Stephen was martyred for the truth after he spoke in front of the Sanhedrin. The prophets delivered God's word to Israel despite being almost universally despised by the rebellious Jews. The Bible features a long list of characters who fought hard to defend the truth.

Modern America is constructed on a foundation of rotting lies.

Equality is the chief lie among them. Equality is used to attack Christianity through gay rights. Gay “marriage” is equal to strait marriage… unless you’re a bigot.

Equality is used to attack white people through affirmative action and the racial integration that destroys our schools.

Equality is used to undermine God's will for gender roles in the church and home. We're told Christianity must embrace gender equality despite the will of God.


Liberalism birthed the godless French Revolution.
Enough. It's time for the emergence of an alt-right Christianity. White Christians must accept the alt-right as the way God has given us to escape the oppression of liberalism over our race, religion, and civilization.

Christians must rise to a level of courage that allows us to fully reject liberalism, and throw off this yoke that forces us to justify the Bible to an alternative set of values.

Our values should arise from the revealed word of God, they shouldn’t be reconciled to an ideology of equality and liberation. Our faith began at Pentecost, not the French Revolution.

Christians shouldn’t have to explain away the Bible's acceptance of slavery, the liberals should have to explain why they think slavery is evil despite Biblical passages to the contrary.

We shouldn’t have to conform our vision of gender relations to the latest feminine screed, the feminists should explain why they’ve chosen to rebel against God.


Race riots are the new normal in diverse America.

Liberal preachers are always telling us diversity is good for race relations, and God wants Christians to embrace diversity and unite as his people. They never explain that the actual research indicates the exact opposite.

Sociological studies, and private observations, demonstrate that diversity, especially racial diversity, increases animosity between groups of people and destroys the social trust within communities and institutions. Churches with diverse membership receive less weekly offering and suffer from a lack of volunteering for needed projects.

I should know, I used to work at a diverse church. The church originally included some 700 members, but when it began diversifying, the membership slowly dropped to 400 and monetary donations dried up. It was a nightmare to get people to volunteer for basic projects, and the church resorted to paid staff to get things done.

My experiences are not unusual. Violence and social dysfunction are common to all diverse bodies of people.

The rising racial and religious diversity of America is dragging her into chaos. The Black Lives Matter riots and increasing political polarization are simply the most obvious signs America is dividing along racial, religious, and ethnic lines.


Charles Martel fought back an Islamic invasion of Christendom.

It's time for Christians to defend ourselves. How much longer will we allow our children's schools to be destroyed by immigrants and ghetto thugs?

How much longer will we allow our daughters and wives to walk the streets of increasingly dangerous neighborhoods?

How much longer will we allow liberals to slander our ancestors and erase our culture?

How much longer will we allow anti-Christian forces to denigrate our faith and brainwash our children against it?

How much longer will we let our society implode?

Do we think that destroying our civilization with liberalism and racial and religious pluralism is love? Are we loving the "other" by destroying our children's futures? God would not approve.

Every immigrant we let into our country causes the wages of some poor white American to fall. Is that love?


French youth fighting against the forces of liberalism and Islam.

It's time for white Christians to love our own. It's time for us to rediscover our identity, and embrace it with confidence and aggressiveness.

We are Christian, and Christianity is the one true religion. We have more proof Jesus rose from the dead than for any other ancient historical event.

We are white, and white people have accomplished more than all the other races combined. We’ve spread Christianity around the world.

It's time to rebuild ourselves, and stop pretending we have anything to be ashamed of. White guilt is nonsensical and impractical.

This rebuilding effort must be founded on the truth. Most pressingly, on the truth of God's revealed will for us, and racial reality. A society that fails to accept these truths is bound to collapse under the weight of its own absurdity. God will not bless a nation of liars.

The alt-right is God's answer to our prayers. The alt-right will help white Christians rise from under the oppression of the false religion of liberalism.

As of now, the alt-right is a mixed movement of diverse forces and people opposed to the lies of liberal pluralism. With a concerted effort, Christians can change it.

First, we must develop and promote a truth founded alternative theology to oppose the false doctrines preached by the liberal anti-Christians.

Second, we must take back our churches, schools, and institutions.

Third, we must erase our enemies from our nation, just as God told Israel to purge idolatry from her lands. 

This will be an uphill battle against the most powerful forces of our time, but we can triumph with God’s help.