There is only one world, and diverse interest groups are fighting for control of it. For us, the West is our world, and the powers fighting us can be summarized as the "Anti-West." Identitarians, reactionaries, Christian fundamentalists, and the Alt-Right are all forces affirming traditional Western Civilization in some form: racially, religiously, or culturally.

At this stage in the game, it would be delusional to see the United States as a single entity, or as possessing a unified national interest. The United States is a government, and America is a geographical expression.

As defenders of our civilization, we must be clear headed about the conflict we’re engaged in. Our enemy has no morals we can understand or appreciate. They want to destroy us and everything we love. They want to genocide our people, plunder our wealth, erase our culture, and burn our gods. They have no respect for us. The Anti-West is a coalition of forces who often disagree, but they are united in their desire to destroy us. They seek to seize what's we've built and use the loot to advance their own interests.

For the first time in American history, we have an illegitimate president. Or, at least, that's what every mainstream media source is insinuating. Our leaders are not their leaders, and vice versa. The political institutions have been reduced to battle fields, as have our schools, jobs, and even churches. Total war is the new reality. They no longer recognize us, and we no longer recognize them. All future presidents, no matter who they are, will be at war with half the population.

At Trump's inauguration, millions of Leftist marched to delegitimize our president. One of our own, Richard Spencer, was physically assaulted multiple times by cowardly members of the militant Anti-Western coalition. In a follow-up video, he declared us to be in a low level war, and suggested we should begin thinking of our society in zero sum terms.

Looking at the interracial crime statistics (the one's that haven’t been buried), proves Spencer correct. Rates of violence, especially by blacks against whites, is outrageously high. They want us dead, our woman raped, our children slaves, our wealth looted, and our culture forgotten. They will attack us in the streets, burn down our cities, and slander our ancestors.

In the early 1990s, Pat Buchanan was right to suggest America was locked in a culture war, but the culture war has evolved into a cold war of proxy violence and institutional discrimination in the form of affirmative action and other methods. The West's enemies are looking for every opportunity to violate us. We must fight back against the erasure.

We belong to a white Christian clan rooted in Western Civilization. We are a tribe, a house, a family locked in a conflict for survival against barbarians looking to remove us from our privileged position. They know we'll rise again if any of us survive. Let's not give them the opportunity to defeat us.

The Anti-West is "other," and their values are not compatible with ours. They are the forces of godlessness and heresy. They are the forces of immorality and chaos. There's a good chance the Left with escalate the violence and discrimination during Trump's presidency. They are facing a backlash they have not yet encountered, and they will either destroy themselves or us. Get ready.