The West continues to decline into the abyss despite the election of the "god-emperor." Perhaps he will usher in a renaissance, but, looking at the demographics of the United States, it looks unlikely he will be able to restore long term order. Even if Trump undertakes the deportation of every illegal alien in the country, whites will still be a minority of the population by 2050. Maybe Trump is just the beginning. We can hope and fight.

Christianity is in decline and Trump hasn't even pretended he cares much about it. Sure, Trump will delay the legal persecution of Christian institutions, but he cannot stop the hemorrhaging of Christian youths who are abandoning their faith, nor can he do much to reverse a century of social, moral, and cultural decline.

Observing the vast wreckage of the West is Rod Dreher of the 'The American Conservative' who claims to have discovered a solution. His plan: orthodox Christians should retreat into more or less segregated social enclaves to survive the coming storm. His ideas represent a kind of new monasticism as we enter a new dark age. Of course, Dreher is too weak to ever utter the word "segregation" without condemning the "sin of racism." He doesn't have the courage to do what needs to be done, i.e. advance the disintegration of the rigged system by any means necessary.

Dreher's idea might help us if we are looking for a quick fix that might sustain us for the next decade, but looking at the broader trends suggests his plan is much less useful than he imagines. Unlike the first "dark ages," it appears unlikely centralized authority or globalization is likely to slow significantly enough for Christians to avoid the all-seeing eye of a modern bureaucratic leviathan armed with the technological resources to persecute isolated communities of Christians regardless of their geographical location. Eventually, globalism will swallow us all, unless, we fight it to the point of stalemate.

Alt-right activism might seem like an online cesspool of "meme warfare," but it represents a significant element of chaos that has the potential, however limited, to open up much needed room for Christians to operate. Only significant damage to the official liberal narrative is enough to slow the coming onslaught of liberal rage against a rising culture of white identity and the last vestiges of "oppressive" Christian ethics.

The Benedict Option (whatever it is) is probably a cowards way to buy noncontroversial time until the full force of a liberal regime wipes out our communities. There is only one way forward, and it lies along the dirty, controversial, "mean," and "racist" path of all out rebellion against the post-1960s worldview.