When our teenagers reveal deep self-esteem problems related to their appearance or peer relationships, we tell them to love the way God created them. We give assurances God intentionally made them special. This is a great way to encourage them to see value as coming from God rather than society.

In our churches, spiritual material, and websites we often find Christian thought leaders encouraging Christ followers to reject their racial and ethnic identity. Popular preacher John Piper wrote an entire book about "fighting racism" among White people while simultaneously assuring everyone Blacks could embrace their racial identity. Of course, Piper would never encourage Whites to embrace their racial identity or develop racial consciousness.

But, why not? If God created each individual's physical appearance and unique personality, as we tell our puberty plagued teenagers, there can be no doubt he created our racial and ethnic identity. If we should embrace our unique appearance and personality why shouldn't we embrace the racial DNA God built into our genome?

Part of the problem is that modern America is too selfish to see beyond individualism. Our race and ethnicity are group traits that form White people into a collective unit. In order to "fight racism," Leftists have deconstructed "Whiteness" as a true identity while simultaneously building up minority identity statuses like LGBT, Islam, Black, Mexican, and feminine.

Part of raising sane teenagers is giving them a healthy sense of their God created racial identity. As Christians, we should accept the advice we give our own struggling youth. We should embrace our God given racial and ethnic identities and become conscious of who God made us to be.