The "Cult of Reason" tried to supplant Christianity during the French Revolution.
Liberalism is the enemy. It played the leading role in the rise of all the murderous ideologies of the twentieth century. These include the Communist regimes of Russia and China that destroyed the traditional spiritual and cultural forms of those two civilizations. The leading men of both countries (Stalin, Lenin, Mao, etc.) were products of the Liberal worldview.

Liberalism is inherently evil because it sets itself against all gods and so called gods while raising humanity to a place of absolute sovereignty over its own destiny. Inevitably, this degenerates into such barbarism as homosexual marriage and unrestricted materialism.

Islam is less of an enemy because it acknowledges God’s existence and seeks the will of the ultimate other. Liberalism blinds men to the entire spiritual dimension.

The world is controlled by white people, but whites do not all belong to the same faction. There are two primary factions: Liberals and European Christians. There are Liberal Christians, but they have the effect of warping Christianity rather than warping Liberalism.

Liberalism is the ideology of the Enlightenment and French Revolution: secularism, equality, humanism. European Christianity is the worldview of Euroethnic Christendom which originated with Christ, his Apostles, and the Bible.

Liberals have been winning since 1789, but only since the end of World War II have they completely dominated. The European Christian faction was almost totally buried from the 1970s until the rise of the Alt-Right and Identitariansms around 2015. Let’s take advantage of this opportunity.