Every other nation is a real nation, but America is an experiment. Whenever socio-political thought leaders advocate an outrageous or revolutionary social policy they cite American exceptionalism and the “American Experiment.”

The American Experiment began, allegedly, with the hypothesis that all men were created equal, but just like modern “scientists” who cook stats to make global warming look feasible, the scientists behind the manipulation of America are being forced to lie to cover up the failure of their experiment to comport with their hypothesis. If Liberalism is the theory, than America is supposed to be the factual evidence confirming it.

What happens when equality and liberty fail to produce a stable, successful, and enjoyable world? We’re seeing that right now. On some deep level, every human knows absolute equality and freedom is not only self contradictory but biologically impossible and even undesirable. Every sane human understands this subconsciously. The only people deranged enough to believe the untenable are those for whom Liberalism is their religious worldview. The true believers can’t accept Christianity, so they campaign for transgender child sex operations to bring their religious faith in equality to fruition. Of course, they will fail; God’s creation ensures it.

The election of Donald Trump does not mark the end of Liberalism or its ridiculous agenda. Trump does not openly challenge the tenets of Liberal political philosophy like the equality of the races or sexual liberation. In fact, Trump has paid lip service to the LGBT movement and racial integration. Trump’s election, Brexit, and rising anti-immigrant sentiment across Europe and America are significant because they signal the end of Liberalism’s zenith. Liberalism won’t die in a day, it’s been winning since the French Revolution, but it’s now in slow retreat.

The widespread emergence of White Identitarianism and the Alt-Right is possible only because Liberalism has failed, and its grip on the Western imagination is loosening. The fact that the Alt-Right is even interesting to mainstream society demonstrates the exhaustion of Liberalism as a flexible intellectual movement. The total domination of Liberalism in the last decades of the twentieth century and early decades of the twenty-first did not usher in an age of utopia. In fact, it was the codification of Liberalism in the form of racial amalgamation and free trade that destroyed the prosperity of the West, especially America, after the close of World War II.

Western Christians have failed to perceive this as an opportunity because they increasingly embraced Liberalism in the mid twentieth century. Institutional and intellectual Christianity in the year 2017 is helping to prop up the rotting Liberal ideology as it decays in the face of its own lies, internal contradictions, and social failure. The pseudo-religious humanism that produced “gay marriage” is now, ironically, being maintained unintentionally by the very churches and religious folks who are persecuted by its tenets. Christian thought leaders will be among the last to cease the worship Martin Luther King Jr.

God moves history, and we are his tools. Alt-Righters, Identitarians, and reactionaries who see in our religion a call to defend our people and faith from outside attacks should push the rotting edifice of Liberalism into the consuming fire of history. Those who reconciled themselves to this false intellectual novelty will be forgotten or despised by their own people.

The age of ideology is over, and the age of identity has begun. Let’s rediscover thousands of years of identity in this coming “dark age” and emerge as a stronger people under God.