Cultural Marxist and Liberal Christians want to persuade us that physical and genetic identity should not be considered when Christ followers make social decisions. For example, they claim a person's race and ethnicity should be ignored when Christians consider immigration policy, church choice, political appointments, adoptions, and marriage partners. Today, many of these same Christians argue sexual identity and gender have no relevance in our decisions on the same questions.

But if this true, that Christians should ignore the physical and genetic aspects of a person's identity, how does it not inevitably lead to ignoring age differences, weight differences, and health differences? If a boy should ignore race when choosing a marriage partner, is he not also obligated to ignore the girl's physical appearance and age?

If godliness is the only aspect of a person's identity worthy of consideration, than why shouldn't twenty year old men consider marrying seventy year old widows or ten year old children? Why shouldn't they consider marrying a morbidly obese woman?

The Cultural Marxist Liberal vision of Christianity and social morality leads inevitably towards a rejection of the physical world. When the ideology of absolute freedom and equality cannot, by the physical laws of God's created universe, be brought to fruition, these false theologians reject the physical world in an attempt to will their ideology into existence despite physical laws. For example, redefining beauty in an effort to make black girls as attractive as whites and fat girls as attractive as the fit.

Among the most common and transparent attempts to accomplish this is the interracial adoption craze now gripping the evangelical Christian world. White Christians adopt black babies from Haiti, or rescue them from abortion, to be raised as their own children. While superficially this looks like an act of love or mercy, one of the foundational inspirations for this behavior is a desire to overrule nature and create diversity in one's own family. God created racist laws of genetic inheritance: white parents can only give birth to white children. In an effort to fix God's "mistake," white Christians seek to bypass the meaning of "child" to advance the cause of diversity.

Christians can only serve one master. They can be Liberal or they can be Christian, but they cannot be both. Either you love God's world as he made it, or you further the rebellion against it. In the end, everyone is broken against the iron laws of God's creation.