With age comes the realization that honesty is radical. Truth destroys the myths society creates to comfort itself. The theory of racial equality is among the obvious falsehoods that allow people to retain faith in comforting liberal mythology.

Jesus hated money, and it's now partially obvious to me why. He saw money as a way for society to control a person's ability to prophesy against the corrupting comforts of their surroundings. Only a fringe prophetic semi-exile can tell the whole truth; everyone else has too much invested in the stock market to risk their cultivated reputation. Controversy is normally unprofitable.

To be a prophet in the twenty-first century West requires very little intellect, but a great deal of bravery. Simply by opposing obvious absurdities like homosexual marriage and human neurological uniformity is enough to establish oneself as an enemy of Godless secular society. We only live for 90 years, let's try to trust God enough to at least keep our own mind's clean.