How can Identitarians act in the real world? How can the Alt-Right become flesh and affect the physical and social landscape outside the internet? These are important questions we must answer moving forward.

Christian Cultural Marxists understand that cities are rising in importance and represent a major battleground. The urban percentage of the world’s population, including the West’s, is growing. The war will concentrate in the cities.

In his book ‘Race and Place: How Urban Geography Shapes the Journey to Reconciliation,’ David P. Leong argues that ethnic integration is being hindered by our current metropolitan landscape:
“We long for diverse, thriving neighborhoods and churches, yet racial injustices persist. Why? Because geographic structures and systems create barriers to reconciliation and prevent the flourishing of our communities. ‘Race and Place’ reveals the profound ways in which these geographic forces and structures sustain the divisions among us.”
For Identitarians, Leong’s claim that Christians should seek racial integration is nonsense, but at least Leong understands the battle lines. Economic opportunity is being concentrated within the urban areas of the world, and unless we want our race to be reduced to a poor rural underclass we have to fight for the metropolitan centers of a globalizing world.

The city is an arena in which the average person can operate in our present climate. It takes a career politician, or someone relatively rich or famous, to influence national or even state politics, but the average person can have some impact on their urban landscape without getting themselves smeared across the internet as an un-hirable “racist.”

The ways in which our families are affected by the devastation of racial diversity is inflicted on us at the city level. Our children are forced to attend school with illiterate and violent minorities who destroy education while corrupting mind, spirit, and culture. Our hiring is adversely effected by affirmative action racism. Our home values are undercut by a drug dealing black thug moving into the apartments across the street, or the Mexican “family” of twelve renting the house in our cul-de-sac. The school zoning, road construction, and infrastructure of cities is often what physically exposes us to or saves us from the apocalypse of mini-Africa threatening to engulf our investments.

Mr. Leong wants to tear down the “geographical forces and structures” that daily sustain our cities from racial chaos, but normal Christians should work to prop them up and sustain moral order in our communities.

Identitarians may not be successful enough within the near term to form our own city states, but we can, at least, work to innovate gains to shield our race from further immediate invasion in the urban sphere.

This effort should begin at church. Our local church is often a feature of the urban landscape that allows a degree of segregation from corrupting undesirable racial others. Church can involve one’s family in a social environment independent of diversity quotas or integration mandates.