Writing at Christianity Today, Erik Hyer discusses his experiences trying to create multi-ethnic churches. It appears he's tried almost everything, and has failed to find anything that sticks. For racial realists, this is unsurprising. Hyer, however, is unperturbed in his quest to defy reality. Nevertheless, he quotes a telling passage:
"If the changing face of American Christianity is not as apparent as it could be, this is partly because the new immigrants tend to form separate congregations. This also makes it easy to overlook the fact that many immigrants experience rejection and discrimination when they seek membership or participation in American churches—even when they are committed Christians or seasoned ministers who speak excellent English."
People want to form community with those similar to themselves. "Birds of a feather flock together." Traditional wisdom has described this phenomenon for generations, but the diversity worshipers are still shocked by it.

The whole essay is an excellent representation of the absurdity of our moment in Christian history. In the minds of Liberals, it's no longer enough to be Christian, one must worship in multi-racial churches to please God.