White Christians are at a disadvantage around the world. We are hated and displaced everywhere. White Christians are a tiny minority of the world’s population, and yet nearly every rival identity group has united to attack us.

Tens of thousands of Christians were martyred around the world in 2016. In the West, Christianity is being systematically purged from the legal, professional, and cultural spheres.

White Christians are standing against the world. We are fighting a war for our existence. This is total war: spiritual, mental, and physical. Our enemies are pursuing non-negotiable genocide.

We would be fools to give our opponents any further advantages, and yet, our identity group is often plagued by vices hindering our ability to prosecute effective resistance. Among these vices is alcohol.

Personally, I’ve never drank alcohol, but I’ve spent the better part of ten years surrounded by friends and lovers who have. The experience has not been positive.

My college roommate nearly ended his life in a drunken car crash that destroyed him financially and legally. I had to watch the paramedics drag his unconscious body from the smoking vehicle.

My old girlfriend nearly killed herself after drinking ulcers through her stomach lining. She spent days in the hospital and still suffers health problems associated with drinking.

My old friends nearly secured a record deal for their rising band when, after drinking heavily one night, a member raped another member’s sister and caused the band’s dissolution.

These are just some of the many incidents that have reassured me over the years that total abstinence has been the right decision. In a world ruled by the Prince of Darkness, we should not give away the advantage of sobriety that allows us to fight the good fight in our best condition.

Being a white Christian is to be a member of a persecuted and embattled minority. Perhaps in times past we had the luxury to drink ourselves into a stupor and assume everything would be fine, but those days are gone.

This year, research was revealed showing a decline in life expectancy among white working class Americans. Much of the increased mortality was attributed to alcoholism, drugs, suicide and other addictions and self destructive behaviors.

We need to be sober to save our people.