ALFRED CLARK (ALTRIGHT.COM) ON CUCKED CHRISTIANITY Clark, writing at, comments on the pathetic suicidal nature of contemporary Christianity. He labels liberal Christ followers "cucked Christians," and ridicules their tendency to adopt non-white babies instead of reproducing their own race. Clark suggests a theory for why contemporary Western Christians are so weak:
"Women are more religious than men. For the past few hundred years, church attendance, for all denominations, has been higher for women than men. Nonetheless, the leadership of said churches was by men. And until recently, because Christianity still had prestige, you would get more normal men in church leadership positions. However, over the past 75 years or so, a selection process has been taking place. As Christianity lost prestige, more normal, healthy men have moved along to other pastures and forsaken any interest in church leadership positions. As a result, the entire apparatus of Western Christianity has largely been overtaken by beta girly men. Today you have a bunch of beta males, often literal cuckolds, who incessantly whine like little pansies: 'Welcome the stranger.' 'You're deporting an image bearer.' 'Racial reconciliation means for your next kid, consider transracial adoption.'
My hunch is that these new leaders have bad genes for self-preservation. In a normal, healthy society, they might have jobs as caregivers, but they certainly wouldn’t be given the keys to the kingdom or have any say in politics. The fact that these people now hold positions of power does not bode well.
In terms of sociobiology, the current trend of Cucked Christianity is not healthy, i.e. adaptive. And this maladaptive behavior cannot last forever. Does it mean that end of Christianity in the West, or will a newer, uncucked form of Christianity rise to replace it?"
Cucked Christianity: The distortion of Christianity to advocate racial and civilizational suicide for your own people. Most commonly embodied in support for mass immigration, interracial adoption, and miscegenation.