Internet Aristotle has given us a very tweetable quote: “Tolerance and apathy are the last virtues of a dying society.” G.K. Chesterton expounded the same idea decades earlier in a timely expression of what’s wrong with “tolerance;” namely, that it represents a kind of apathy and disbelief that destroys passion and action.
“Today’s ‘tolerance’ makes the assumption that we all hold different beliefs but those different beliefs are all equal. That appalls me. If I’m going to take the time to believe in something, have a conviction, live it out, and stand up for what I believe in, what good is it if I don’t even believe that my beliefs are true? And if my beliefs are true, why would I even consider a conflicting belief to be on the same level? I wouldn’t! What good is a conviction if you don’t believe it to your core and reject anything that is in opposition to it? Yet, this is what the new tolerance is about. A man without convictions would have an easier time saying that all beliefs are equal.”
Modern Euroethnic Christians need to reject the over civilization that leads to “new tolerance.” Perhaps we need a “new barbarism.” It was, after all, from the barbarian North that Christendom was formed in the early medieval period.