The early medieval expansion of Christendom.
There was a time in the not so distant past in which "Christian" was synonymous with "white." This makes sense considering Europe and white people were the only existing society wide practitioners of Christianity in the world. While the other nations had rejected the gospel, white Europeans made it the central definer of their identity. In many ways, Christianity created Western Civilization and even the idea of the white race.

Please don't misunderstand; certainly there is a biological truth to identifying Euroethnic people as members of the same basic genetic group. However, their similar culture, ethics, and pan-national sense of unity is the direct result of the unifying influence of Christianity in the early medieval period. If Christianity had not conquered the West, the Northern Europeans may never have seen themselves as connected to the decadent southerners of the ancient world.

The fictional classic 'Robinson Crusoe' demonstrates the sense in which Christianity was intimately related to whiteness. In several places throughout the novel, the author (Daniel Defoe) conflates Christianity with Euroethnicity. At one point, Crusoe talks about the possibility of edging his way to the coast of Africa to find a "Christian ship" to help him escape. What he really meant was a trade or military vessel crewed by Euroethnics. Later on, Crusoe discussed a "Christian country" and "America's Christian colonies." Crusoe imagined Westerners as members of a definite ethno-religious identity (even if he didn't understand his own ethnic consciousness).

The early medieval period saw the formation of a new civilization. The West was formed with the rival tribes and barbarian groups of the North, and if there was no Christianity no unifying force existed to form them into an identity group. Christendom is Europe. “Europe is the faith.” The European Union has attempted to unify Christendom without Christianity, and the EU expressly denies any unique European ethnic identity. The secular globalists of the EU want to ignore and even attack traditional views of religion and DNA. It’s as if a chess club reformed themselves into an anti-Chess club.

Some claim Europe has more to unite upon than Christianity and genetics. They will point to the Western philosophical writings stretching back to ancient Greece and the ideas of limited government. Neither of these traditions, however, had much to do with the founding of Western Civilization. The early medieval period had little access to Greek philosophical writings and Europe was ruled by monarchs and Pope's. Few people, if anyone, was reading Plato before the Holy Roman Empire was founded. The missionaries who converted the German tribes were not preaching the philosophy of Aristotle. In AD 600 there was no bill of rights or social contract theory. The West became The West because of Christianity and the DNA that ran through European bloodlines. Geography certainly had more of an effect on Western Civilization than the lost manuscripts of ancient writers.

White people today need to rediscover our roots. The blood and religion of our civilization is under siege by our enemies, but our enemies will grow weak the more they succeed in destroying our center. The Cultural Marxists and liberals are merely parasites. They have no worldview that can survive without constantly leeching off the productive Euroethnic Christians who constructed the most prosperous society in human history. Sometime in the reasonably near future, our societies will reach the crisis point. The point at which diversity has permanently fractured our states, immorality has collapsed our populations into disease and demographic decline, and our people have lost all meaning and purpose in life. At the point of chaos and decline is a chance for renewal. How much longer can our population really believe Bruce Jenner is a women?

The enemies of white Christianity have already seized control of our institutions and organizations. The Christian universities, think tanks, and hierarchies are all but lost to the liberal defectors. Most of them now actively fight for the destruction of the Western race. The current Pope is telling European Christians they should aid the invasion of their homelands by harboring "refugees" in their own homes (within striking distance of white families). In America, "reconciliation" and "loving the stranger" have been reinterpreted by our Christian thought leaders as necessary acts aiding the erasure of European Americans.

We must rediscover the Christian ethic of loving our neighbors and family first. We must remember who we are as the descendants of the crusaders who drove out invading Islamic hordes. We must imitate Jesus as we cleanse our temple of corrupting influences. Christendom must rise again.