American Christians are Searching for Revival
America has experienced several periods of religious revival throughout its history. The most influential among these was the First and Second Great Awakening. Some consider the Jesus people movement of the late 1960s and early 1970s to have been the last such increase in religious fervor to sweep the country.

America’s national revivals have come at random times. They have not followed discernible patterns nor significantly related to any set of events. Revivals are often regarded as God’s divine intervention.

American Christians, especially those of an evangelical or Pentecostal persuasion, have recently become obsessed with the possibility of a new religious revival in America.

This hope is likely inspired by the relative hopelessness of Christianity in the twenty-first century West. The numbers are dim and discouraging. Church attendance, religious affiliation, and theological literacy are falling. Marriage is collapsing and sexual liberation is the norm. Homosexuality, the latest civil rights movement, is triumphant; and its triumph threatens to destroy Christian institutions with new anti-discrimination law. Demographically, the Churches have failed to retain even their children.

There is no hope; at least not within the spiritual, social, and cultural paradigms Americans are currently stuck in.

The hopelessness of American Christianity has led to an over anticipation of miraculous intervention. The older generations, especially, cannot imagine God allowing America to fracture and fall. They reason he must be preparing a new great awakening to save his favored country from ruin.

The chances of a new awakening for America are slim. God will probably not save American Christianity deus ex machina. Post WWII America is in a situation of decay and collapse.  The American Empire is losing its grip on world hegemony abroad while increasing ethnic diversity is gutting American identity from within.

Even now, however, God is giving America a chance to save itself by returning to pre-liberal reactionary thought. This chance is manifesting itself in the rise of the Alt-Right. The Alt-Right is opposing the narrative of “equality” and “liberty” that gave rise to sexual immorality, secularism, homosexual marriage, the displacement of Christianity from the public square, and the violent diversity now erasing European-Americans from our homelands. The Alt-Right could be seen as a revival of traditional value systems.

Judging by the Christian response to the Alt-Right, and the rise of its political symbol Donald Trump, American Christians have chosen to reject a godly worldview and continue down the road destined for them by “equality” and “liberty.”

From every Christian institution emanates the voices of thought leaders condemning the Alt-Right as “racist” and claiming that a vote for Donald Trump is either a sinful abomination or a necessary evil. There are very few Christians ready to seize the opportunity.

The Alt-Right could be religious revival. It could be the great purge that cleanses America of 1960s filth. As usual, Christians are the last to embrace a new trend and make it their own. Modern Christians are so enamored by the utopian values of “diversity” and “equality” that they would rather destroy themselves than develop a new ideology that might save a remnant of their friends and children from the all consuming nihilism of our present godless social paradigm.

The Alt-Right /Identitarian/Neo-Reactioniary movement is God’s last offer of revival. The abyss awaits us if we reject it.