According to the U.S. Census Bureau and gene studies Jesus was a "white" Caucasian.
The United States Census Bureau considers anyone of European, North African, or Middle Eastern ethnic extraction to be a "white" Caucasian. [1] Jesus was a pure Jew from the Middle East. [2] First century Jews from the Middle East were Caucasian.

Abraham was the genetic father of the Jews. He was born in Mesopotamia to the Caucasian Babylonians. [3] All the Patriarch fathers of Israel were of Mesopotamian stock. The Jews were a Semitic people with ancestral ties to Mesopotamia; which has been a decidedly Caucasian region for all of human history.

Recent genetic studies show that modern Palestinians share more genetic connection to Italians and Armenians than any sub-Saharan black ethnic group. [4] They also demonstrate that no substantial black DNA has ever entered the Holy Land's population.

There can be absolutely no doubt that Jesus was racially Caucasian if the question is asked from an American perspective. As the Census Bureau makes clear, people from the Middle East are "white." There is no other racial category into which Jesus can be placed.


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EXTRACT: "White - A person having origins in any of the original people's of Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa."

[2] Jesus had very distant relatives, like Rahab, who were not ethnically Israelite. It is extremely unlikely, however, that Jesus' family had recently admixed. Even the distant admixture that did occur (like Rahab) was from Caucasian ethnic groups.

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