White Rule of Africa
At the turn of the millennia, former United Nations secretary-general Kofi Annan (a Ghanaian ethnic) sent a commission to travel Africa and report on the state of the continent.

In 2001, the commission released its findings in the 'Millennium Commission' report. The document's preamble reads:
"The Euphoria and optimism that accompanied the independence of African nations have evaporated, often in the most brutal manner, leaving the continent not only in a situation of unprecedented poverty but also in a frightening level of socio-economic decay." [1]
Africans were given independence from white rule at the end of the twentieth century. Their former overlords were the designers of the largest and most powerful global empires in history.

African independence soon resulted in disaster. Economic, social, and political chaos

Twenty-first century "intellectuals" preach anti-white history. They claim people of European stock have dominated, robbed, and brutalized non-European groups. Through this reign of terror, they argue, the people of the West gained their wealth and power.

History, however, tells a different story.

The British Raj in India often accurately boasted that the sub-continent had never been as well governed as when ruled by Euroethnics. [2] Africa was an advancing continent under white rule. Every year of foreign domination brought the people of Africa greater prosperity, better education, and stronger devotion to God.

That changed in the 1960s.

After Africa's white rulers vacated their authority, their former black subjects spread anarchy across the continent. Black leaders pillaged state treasuries, committed unspeakable atrocities, and used the wealth given them by whites to destroy each other at every opportunity. Modern African men now rape babies in an attempt to cure themselves of AIDS.

Africans face a choice. They can continue their self-rule experiment (which will lead to a return of tribal savagery), or they can call upon whites to once again rule over them.

Barack Obama's Kenyan brother (George) appeared prepared for white rule when he wrote:
"…let me tell you something. Look at South Africa they were under the whites until the 1990s, and look where they are now. They’re practically a developed nation. The corruption there is nothing like it is here. So who is better off? Maybe if we’d let the whites stay a bit longer, we’d be where South Africa is today." [3]
Even if blacks begged for white leadership, it is doubtful whether whites would return to their former positions of power.

Africa and the world need a new class of white aristocrats willing to use their talents and ambitions to rule the world as stewards of God for the good of humanity. Whites must not shirk their God given role as world leaders. We must rise and direct the world's lost races.

It would not be wise to revive the same Victorian model which allowed for black Africans to irresponsibly breed millions of children they can not care for, nor to allow them the resources to acquire the weapons they use to destroy one another.


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Excerpt: "Although it was possible to boast that India had never been so well governed, the fact was that Indians not only paid for their own government but had no say in it's structure."

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